Experlogix: Elevate Customer Experience through Automated CPQ

Christian Stepien, President
Sales optimization is one of the primary objectives that any organization seeks to achieve. Through an automated quote-to-cash solution, global companies are circumventing bulky paper catalogs and cumbersome-to-maintain spreadsheets thereby reducing invoicing delays and human errors. Bringing further proficiency to the process of automated contract creation and approval system, Experlogix steps ahead and offers an extensive configure, price, and quote (CPQ) solution. Experlogix’s CPQ platform not only empowers sales teams to simplify pricing structure and create error-free quotes in minutes with the help of powerful tools, but also helps in the entire production process by integrating with the company’s ERP solutions to close deals faster. Commended as the Microsoft Dynamics U.S. Independent Software Vendor (ISV) of the year in 2016, Experlogix is emerging as the global leader for CPQ and setting a new yardstick for quote-to-cash technology.

“Experlogix helps you consolidate product and service options, rules and pricing into a single intelligent system,” says Christian Stepien, President, Experlogix. The firm’s CPQ software seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to offer countless configuration options for the complicated production flow. Experlogix CPQ allows sales representatives to create error-free quotes and streamline orders faster with their no-programming interface. Furthermore, while creating quotations, the intuitive feedback for guided selling via easy-to-understand pop-up messages and flexible user interface of the software aids the sales team to increase the bottom-line revenue for the company.

The inventive software offers advanced graphic capabilities for quotations that enable customers to get a virtual glimpse of the final products according to their customization requirements, so that there are no surprises when they receive their finished products.

The graphical representation of orders with Experlogix solutions has helped giant manufacturing companies to secure orders faster and with more ease. Malibu Boats, the world's largest manufacturer of water-sports towboats, uses Experlogix CPQ technology to customize orders according to clients’ requirements and corroborate those designs graphically to close deals.

Experlogix CPQ allows sales representatives to create error-free quotes and streamline orders faster with their no-programming interface

The clients specify requirements in terms of the number of passengers; type of engine needed or even the color of interiors of the boat. After the deal is signed, all the configuration information is fed into the ERP system, which later gets assigned to the designated production teams during the manufacturing process. Experlogix also aids in planning: setting up production steps, such as deciding on the number of screws that will be required to assemble a piece, or the number of fiber glasses that have to be drilled. This data is keyed into the company’s ERP system to streamline the production process. By providing an end-to-end process management solution, from generating a quote to delivering instructions, the platform can be leveraged to become the brain behind the operations of the entire business. Today, Experlogix’s flexible data-driven approach boasts a multivariate clientele across various sectors such as apparel, professional services, healthcare, and government contractors among others.

Backed with powerful APIs, it takes less than thirty minutes for Experlogix to integrate with a company’s IT infrastructure. Apart from on-premise deployments for these industries, Experlogix CPQ solutions are also available on-demand, through portals and offline services.

“We are expanding our machine learning capabilities to bring more features into our solution software,” says Stepien. In the future, Experlogix plans to levitate their quote-to-cash platform further by integrating with Salesforce’s CRM solution. Experlogix also aims to further their CPQ innovation by introducing augmented reality in the quotation process. The firm has already started working with Hololens to build this novelty feature.


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Christian Stepien, President

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