Fadel Partners, Inc.: Delivering Award-Winning Intellectual Property Management Software

Tarek E. Fadel, Founder & CEO
Intellectual Property (IP) is considered the life source of a company, which, in all terms, dictates its worth, resources and footprint within the current marketplace. Yet many firms do not realize the true value of their IP due to ineffective business processes and systems that can result in high processing costs and the underpayment and overpayment of royalties. In an effort to effectively manage the IP rights such as managing and tracking licensing, royalty administration, and digital distribution, companies from numerous verticals are in a search of solutions which can meet the requirements of IP governance and automation. A key provider in this field complying with the needs and requirements of these companies and corporate leaders is FADEL, an Oracle Gold Partner that offers solutions and expertise for the tracking and monetization of IP usage.

Synopsys of a Gold Partner

The technology firm, with software recognized for its enterprise- level scalability, configurability and extensibility, was established in 2003 by Tarek E. Fadel, the founder and CEO of the firm. Under his leadership, FADEL has been growing year over year and has garnered accolades from its Technology and Implementation Partners such as Oracle and IBM. Having been a three time Oracle excellence award winner for the Media & Entertainment and Telecommunications verticals is a testament to the company’s solutions. Organizations across different industries have very similar requirements for managing their IP – whether the IP is a song, brand, book, photo, video, electronic component, medical device or compound molecules – and the FADEL solutions are adaptable across market sectors. “We started out in Media & Entertainment as a key vertical and later expanded into Publishing and the High Tech sector where we cater to all of our clients with the same product because of its modularity and enterprise product architecture,” mentioned Tarek.
Unique in its capabilities, FADEL has integrated its intellectual property management software platform into not only the Oracle technology stack – database, BI and middleware, but also into the Oracle ERP applications. It has enabled Oracle ERP customers, such as Marvel, O’Reilly, Chronicle Books, Harvard Business Publishing, and F5 Networks, to leverage their Oracle master data, order management, project management, and financial applications and data into their intellectual property rights, contracts and royalty management solutions.

A Standout Product

FADEL IPM Suite is the only IP Management software seamlessly integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite and is Fusion Applications Ready. With end-to-end capabilities across the IP licensing lifecycle – from negotiation to payment, the product governs business flows across several areas such as Content Creation and Product Approval, Rights and Royalty Management, Forecast Management, Self-Service Portals, Business Intelligence, and many others.

Roadmap Ahead

In the impending future, FADEL is aligned with Oracle’s strategic direction looking to offer its latest products in the cloud where clients would be allowed to sign-up and integrate their existing content, digital asset management systems to avoid IP rights violations. Expansion into Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences, Retail Brand Licensing, and Sports, as well as into key global markets such as LA, UK and Western Europe, are also key objectives for the company.

Fadel Partners, Inc.

Rye, NY

Tarek E. Fadel, Founder & CEO

A provider of enterprise-class Intellectual Property Rights and Royalty Management software for media, entertainment, publishing and high tech.