Fastpath Solutions: Making a Mark in Cross-Application Access Security, Audit, and Compliance

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Chris Aramburu, Senior Director – Risk and Compliance Solutions
Many SAP-based businesses are adding a variety of enterprise applications both from SAP and other software vendors in search of best-of-breed solutions for their organization. While these integrated applications make the company more efficient and agile, they also create added security risks as administrators struggle to manage access risk as well as provision new users into each system. Without access risk evaluations and a controlled provisioning process integrated across these business-critical systems, manual provisioning processes can lead to unintended access, segregation of duties conflicts, fraud, and regulatory fines. These dynamics create the need for an automated access management solution that works for SAP as well as many other enterprise applications. Founded in 2004, Iowa-based Fastpath Solutions has been meeting this need with its cloud-based Fastpath Assure audit and security platform. Fastpath offers tools that help businesses secure their SAP systems for continuous monitoring and management of segregation of duties and other access risks.

Recently, Fastpath has turned its attention to providing a suite of SAP-related security products, starting with their Access Risk Monitor product which identifies segregation of duties conflicts and automates user access reviews and certifications. The product comes with out-of-the-box rulesets that customers can leverage as-is or customize to meet their specific needs and provides a framework that helps administrators create secure user roles without segregation of duties risk.

“We have been working with SAP solutions since 2018,” said Neil Hooper, SVP – Sales & Marketing, Fastpath Solutions, “and we have been releasing some specialized SAP capabilities which deliver unique value for our customers.”

Among those specialized capabilities are Fastpath’s Security Designer and SAP Custom Code Checker.

Security Designer is a role design tool for preventative security management. SAP customers can create or edit roles from Fastpath and perform an automated risk review before introducing them into their SAP environment.

SAP code customizations can often result in unmonitored access conflicts that are not addressed by traditional approaches. The Fastpath SAP Custom Code Checker evaluates custom code line by line and then maps it to the appropriate business processes or business functions within the ruleset with a click of a button. “Customers utilize the SAP Code Checker to streamline a traditionally manual process of reviewing custom transactions and programs. This enables organizations to develop a customized ruleset reflective of their specific risk universe and identify unmonitored risk,” explained Chris Aramburu, Senior Director – Risk and Compliance solutions at Fastpath Solutions.
Neil Hooper, SVP - Sales & Marketing

Recently, the company introduced Valuepath, a process to help their clients achieve the fastest time to value for implementations. A customer on-boarding team leads this effort with instructor-led training, an extensive knowledge base, and the Fastpath team of auditors and SAP experts that can help guide the process.

To ensure that its clients continue to be successful, Fastpath conducts quarterly business reviews to make sure they are getting the value they need out of the tool. “This enables us to articulate additional value propositions or strategic directions in terms of achieving compliance as they continue their journey,” adds Chris.

Fastpath’s ability to enable businesses to use a single console to manage segregation of duties across all applications and not just SAP is what makes it stand out

To consistently deliver value to its customers and introduce more capabilities, the company has been developing vertical and industryspecific expertise, which is significantly valued among SAP customers. Also, because the SAP ecosystem is dynamic, the team at Fastpath focuses on R&D to better prepare and equip itself to align with the direction of the market as new technologies specifically around SAP S/4HANA and a variety of cloud applications are introduced in the market. The company has also been working on expanding its partner network, associating with several global audit firms that also employ Fastpath’s software. “This area of business is quite helpful for our customers as the auditors themselves understand Fastpath well and can assist customers with their Fastpath implementations,” remarks Neil.

Fastpath’s ability to enable businesses to use a single console to manage segregation of duties across all applications and not just SAP makes it stand out from other access security applications. With its high-end technology solutions and toolsets, in-depth knowledge base, and experienced team of auditors, Fastpath has earned an excellent reputation in the market along with its clients’ faith. Over the years, it has emerged as a powerful tool that allows businesses to develop a great partnership with their audit teams.

Fastpath Solutions

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Chris Aramburu, Senior Director – Risk and Compliance Solutions and Neil Hooper, SVP - Sales & Marketing

offers a cloud-based audit platform that allows businesses to review segregation of duties and provision access across multiple applications using a single dashboard.

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