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Christopher James Camut, President and CEO
An acceleration of converging events is happening within the field service market. Chief among these are pressures of an aging field workforce, multiple system adoption overloads, and increasing market competition. With technology playing a pivotal role in deciding the fate of many organizations, they must implement technology that is comprehensive enough to address past, present, and future business implications. “With the addition of artificial intelligence solutions, organizations can outperform the competition, increase efficiency and improve the customer experience,” remarks Christopher James Camut, Director, President, and CEO of Field Squared.

One company making great strides in the field service software space, through its industry-first innovation, is Field Squared. Field Squared’s all-in-one cloud-based software empowers organizations to manage their field service, enterprise assets, and mobile workforce in a single pane of glass. As the digital backbone across an organization’s field service operations management, Field Squared automates routine tasks and complex business processes, allowing organizations to fully take control of operations. The Platform provides real-time location tracking to optimize schedules, access to all work order details via its offline-capable Mobile Application, and analytics to report on KPIs. Field Squared solves key field workforce efficiency challenges through predictive scheduling and route optimization, asset management, and visibility. It drives field service organizations to go paperless and do more with less. The enterprise-grade solution is extensible, integrating with third-party and in-house systems.

The world of field service is one of variability. As many organizations struggle with siloed communication channels impeding well-planned service calls, Field Squared brings a whole new dimension of manageability through in-app collaboration. “Communication is critical to get right, especially for service businesses. By providing real-time collaboration and messaging solutions directly in our app, Field Squared eliminates silos. Now, everyone is on the same page and ready to move forward with the job at hand,” stated Camut. Real-time collaboration is game-changing technology. For instance, within Field Squared, operations managers and field workers can collaborate one-on-one, in group/team conversations, and more. Unlike other providers, Field Squared makes this available right in the app—no juggling multiple applications or shifting workflows.

Field service collaboration is just one aspect of improving operations management through Field Squared. To ensure parts and equipment are accounted for before rolling a truck, Field Squared provides inventory management solutions. Down to a single nail, customers have visibility into inventory levels, with the ability to transfer inventory across warehouses, trucks, worksites, and more.
The real power of the Field Squared Platform is the automation engine: Workflow Builder. The proprietary Workflow Builder is what drives operational efficiency across simple to overtly complex business processes. Automation is still in its infancy in terms of adoption, and there have been moments of controversy around replacing humans with automation. The true benefit, and ultimate goal, of automation, is to act as a force multiplier for whatever situation it is applied. In terms of field service, there are many routines and redundant tasks that could be automated, thereby freeing up field workers to complete more jobs in a day, for instance. Even a status notification sent to a customer is a form of automation that seeks to give time back to operations, field staff, or management. Combine automation and interoperability, and Field Squared solves a near endless list of challenges. Field Squared integrates with such systems as GIS, ERP, CRM, analytics tools, and more, with the added capability of integrating with in-house, custom-built software. From the ability to automate and orchestrate updates from the field across a multitude of disparate third-party systems, tools, and software organizations use every day, Field Squared brings everything together for a comprehensive view of service operations.

What sets the company apart from other enterprise software providers is its dedication to empowering operations managers and field workers with innovative solutions to help them improve their customer experience. The unique value proposition of the company is best reflected through one of its long-standing customers who had a hard time in managing work orders, scheduling, and collecting data in the field, including photos, barcodes, and GPS coordinates, via manual, paper-based processes. By deploying Field Squared’s powerful, yet easy-to-use field service software, one client was able to cut down work order preparation by 75 percent. Another customer eliminated 95 percent of paperwork with Field Squared. “Our customers are the living embodiment of who we are as a company. We are relentlessly delivering best-of-breed field service solutions to help our customers succeed,” says Camut.

Recognized as an innovator in the field service software market, it is a part of Field Squared’s DNA to evolve and expand the capabilities of its software. The company looks for ways to incorporate state-of-the-art technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning into its platform to empower customers to do more with less. “Today, in a competitive landscape where technology is constantly evolving, we continuously strive to improve our software to solve for the future needs of our customers in managing their field operations,” states Camut.

Field Squared

Highlands Ranch, CO

Christopher James Camut, President and CEO

A pioneer in the field service management space, Field Squared is the industry’s first unified field service management process automation platform. As a cloud-based SaaS solution provider, the company is flexible, scalable, and purpose-built to optimize the effectiveness of the mobile workforce in the field. Centering on business process automation, Field Squared facilitates enterprises to digitally transform and streamline their field service operations, from the frontline to back-office systems. Its robust platform delivers predictive analytics for proactive planning and interoperability across existing business systems-including legacy solutions-without the need for any software development or ongoing application maintenance and no coding required