Fieldforce: Consolidated Management of Field Operations

Basit Malik, Founder & CEO
A major concern in field service management is consistency in the quality of work delivered by field teams. Field workflows related to deployment and operations are often based on procedures or checklists, which are hard to follow. Management has limited visibility over performance on a day-to-day basis, which frequently results in higher costs and lower quality of service. Tackling field service management from a vertical-specific standpoint, Fieldforce provides a mobile platform that can be customized to industry-specific core maintenance processes and workforce management needs. “Fieldforce’s maintenance analytics platform provides a consolidated view of all the operations being performed by internal resources and external partners to help improve business performance and stakeholder value,” states Basit Malik, founder and CEO of Fieldforce. Fieldforce designed its platform after extensive interactions with potential customers from over 50 countries to ensure it effectively addresses the current pain points.

The Fieldforce platform can be customized to accommodate different business processes and address every field service management domain. Fieldforce digitizes all process in the field—from deployment to operations to decommissioning—in a simple, intuitive, and easy to use platform. The mobile and cloud-based solution allows clients to manage large-scale asset deployment projects, create custom workflows, schedule tasks, and keep a digital record of all documents. It also enables clients to manage daily operations including asset audits, leases, work orders, and asset database. Fieldforce provides full visibility over assets and helps field teams regulate preventive maintenance schedules and resolve outages quickly and efficiently. The vast amount of data collected from the newly digitized field processes is utilized to generate reports and analytics, which significantly improve decision-making.

Fieldforce engages clients in a collaborative process that involves developing a clear understanding of their operational process, and identifying the key areas of improvement.

Fieldforce’s maintenance analytics platform provides a consolidated view of all the operations being performed by internal resources and external partners

“We customize our platform based on clients’ priorities rather than force them to adapt to ours,” explains Malik. With the advantage of being cloud-based, Fieldforce can be deployed within 30-days along with all the required customizations. Malik recounts an incident where Fieldforce helped a client improve visibility over their assets. The client had 15 million assets worth $2.5 billion deployed in the field. The client wanted to conduct a tracking exercise to determine the exact location of assets and record the serial number of every asset. Fieldforce collaborated with the client to develop a customized approach to structure all their assets and enable field service teams to collect the required data. The exercise resulted in the client saving $30 to $50 million from streamlined asset management.

Currently, Fieldforce is focusing on the telecom industry to fulfill vertical-specific requirements. Prioritizing the telecom space corresponds to the launch of 5G technology in the U.S. later this year, which will require millions of assets to be deployed around the country in an efficient manner. A platform like Fieldforce will be critical to monitor the network performance and bring consistency and reliability to the process. “We are continuing to expand our geographic footprint worldwide while adding new capabilities to our platform,” says Malik. Fieldforce has plans to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance its platform with predictive analytics for assets and fieldwork, allowing field maintenance to be handled proactively, reducing downtime, and increasing overall efficiency.


Arlington, VA

Basit Malik, Founder & CEO

Provides a comprehensive solution for field service management, maintenance, and analytics