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Satin H. Mirchandani, CEO FireMon’s story of inception centers around a very specific customer need, and that focus on the customer is what has driven them to success as a provider of Intelligent Security Management solutions for more than 1,500 countries across the globe.

FireMon was a tool set of FishNet Security, and information security solutions provider; it was meant to monitor firewall as its namesake indicates: firewall+monitor. FishNet Security dealt with hundreds of large enterprises and observed that the network security management was overwhelming for them in the wake of constant changes in threats, business operations, and compliance requirements. The enterprises failed to match the pace of their security with that of their business—leading to decreased productivity and an unsafe business environment.

In 2004, FireMon was spun out of FishNet Security in response to these customer pain points. “There are many companies out there that are purely technology driven or purely business driven; FireMon is customer driven, emphasizing on customer journey to achieve the holistic security that fosters productive business environment,” remarks Satin H. Mirchandani, CEO, FireMon.

As enterprises embark on newer technologies such as cloud computing, large-scale virtualization, software defined networking (SDN), IoT and more, FireMon helps remove network security bottlenecks so that they can unleash the business possibilities that these technologies offer.

By combining the real-time monitoring, security simulations, analytics and automation, FireMon delivers the next generation security intelligence to dramatically improve security posture, while reducing operational costs. The firm is wholly committed to protecting the cloud-bound enterprise with next-generation security intelligence that increases proactivity and accelerates the agility of business. The company takes a holistic approach to security management that spans network security, operations, risk management and response. Through this unique approach, organizations can gain a single source of truth for network security policy management that reduces complexity, inefficiencies, and errors within their security infrastructure. “When a customer embraces FireMon for network security policy management, they enjoy 15 years of real-world cyber security problem-solving capabilities and services of FireMon,” extols Mirchandani.

When a customer embraces FireMon for network security policy management, they enjoy 15 years of real-world cyber security problem-solving capabilities and services of FireMon

Providing value to the enterprises the company does three things: increase security agility (no tradeoff between speed and security), decrease risks (visibility into policy compliance and risk exposure), and respond to risks faster (make sense of network data to stop the next attack).

A Comprehensive Solution

FireMon’s Intelligent Security Management Platform is a massively scalable and the ultimate foundation for achieving security agility, network risk detection, workflow automation, firewall rule change, compliance audit assessment and security operations cost reduction. FireMon’s Security Intelligence platform acts as a single pane of glass across hybrid networks to provide visibility into global policies, compliance and access changes to numerous customers around the world. With the ability to provide unmatched visibility of both traditional and cloud-based controls, along with detection and reporting of related firewall rule changes, FireMon stands unique to support today’s real-world hybrid enterprise architectures.

FireMon’s flagship product, Security Manager, was specifically built with the future of network security in mind. With FireMon’s Security Manager, security practitioners can view their entire network across on-premises and cloud environments in a personalized dashboard with analysis, trending and key performance indicator widgets on a customizable view, alongside monitoring the network behavior. "On the other hand, administrators can also keep track of every path across the network, identify risky access points and modify policies to maximize security on the network," states Mirchandani. In addition to optimizing protection and network performance, a scalable architecture and intuitive user interface ensure that network security administrators have the actionable data they need for quickly adapting network defenses to varying business demands and emerging threats.

No Tradeoff between Speed and Security

There will always an internal conflict between the network teams—responding to business needs for more access; and the risk management teams focused on reducing the overall business risk.
FireMon’s patented Risk Analyzer tool addresses the challenge by helping enterprises accurately simulate cyber risk and allocate resources where they can have risk reduction impact. Risk Analyzer is a purpose-built platform, and the premise behind the tool is that by managing communications devices and predominantly firewalls, security and good governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) can be maintained. It uses real-time network configuration information combined with vulnerability scan data from the FireMon Security Manager platform to measure risk and visualize potential attack penetration.

With this real-time network information, organizations can help significantly reduce risks and likelihood of vulnerability occurrence. The innovative technology extends FireMon’s uniquely scalable automation and analysis platform to risk vulnerability management, calculating the risk of network attack angles and scoring firewall rules to allow network managers efficiently reduce their exposure to risk. “At FireMon, we also run a complete path analysis in seconds and compare various patch scenarios to help security team discover weaknesses in the network and recommend changes proactively,” says Mirchandani.

By enabling security decision makers with security management information at the time of the decision, the risk is reduced and real-time assessments of the entire network security infrastructure according to customer-defined requirements or industry regulations and best practices can also be provided appropriately. Network and security management can be called upon to implement security device rule changes at any time, demanding continuous, comprehensive visibility into all devices, and the ability to scope the full impact of every proposed modification—before changes are implemented. By leveraging the FireMon’s Policy Search/Query, organizations can identify any device, rule, user, application or object across the enterprise using specific granular or natural-language search, filters or Security Intelligence Query Language (SIQL).

Breaking New Grounds

With industry-leading security assessments and automation solutions, FireMon can help streamline operations and maximize resources for today’s leading enterprise organizations, government agencies, and managed security providers. FireMon has more than 1,500 customers in over 50 countries, including over 100 of the Fortune 500 and 25 of the Fortune 100.

It’s no surprise FireMon is experiencing an enormous growth in all regions by staying true to its philosophy of aiding organizations to increase their security agility by performing automated, continuous, and real-time assessments of the entire network security infrastructure. Forging ahead, FireMon continues to lead security management space through innovation and help an organization understand the risks that dynamic IT infrastructure could introduce.


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Satin H. Mirchandani, CEO

An enterprise security management company that provides an advanced security management and automation to increase security agility, decrease risks, and respond to risks faster

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