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Prakash Ramamurthy, Chief Product Officer As described in almost every book or blog about organizational growth, it is quintessential for firms to build a hospitable customer service environment. Expanding their reach, lowering churn rates, and retaining existing clients are some of the most surefire ways to realize company goals. Yet, in the pursuit of designing interactions and experiences that make customers want to etch their loyalty in stone, organizations often forget about another essential pillar—their workforce. A report from HBR showed that 92 percent of survey respondents said employee engagement is critical to an organization’s success, while 77 percent of them said that good employees will look for a new employer if their current job does not provide the tools, technology, or information they need to do their job well. As Vern Dosch, President of the NISC, once said, “It is equally important to know if we have a happy and engaged workforce as it is to have a profitable bottom line.”

Sometimes, emerging companies and even large enterprises operate under the presumption that enhancing consumer experiences will draw resources that could improve the employees’ well-being and vice versa. However, implausible as it may seem, there is a way where companies can create a holistic employee experience while not detracting from their customer services.

Freshworks and its product—Freshservice—prove that one can have their cake and eat it too. Freshservice is an IT Service Management (ITSM) solution that empowers employees with consumer-grade user experience in their channels of choice such as MS Teams, Slack, or even the Freshservice chatbot. With the pandemic wreaking havoc on companies’ communication networks and frequently pitting the management and employees against each other, a transparent, user-intuitive, and robust ITSM solution that helps sift through the chaos is a welcome breeze, improving both customer experiences and employee well-being.

Using Intelligent Automation to Ease the Load

A surge in consumerist culture and its accompanying technology have raised the bar of expected performance for many companies. “Akin to how food, clothing, and appliances can be ordered with a few taps on a smartphone, people have begun to expect instant gratification even from the departments and solutions they interact with,” says Prakash Ramamurthy, Chief Product Officer at Freshworks. The company revamps the traditional, painstaking IT ticket resolution process where employees had to log on to their company’s website, seek out the catalog they needed, file a complaint, or request service to solve their IT issue. Freshworks’ solution, on the other hand, integrates with existing communication platforms, such that users can file a request directly, without being made to navigate through the aforementioned operational hoops. Additionally, the solution adheres to the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices to ensure that IT services are selected, planned, and delivered in the most conducive way for businesses.

The ITSM solution is built to keep up with consumer expectations and help users achieve a faster time to value with its powerful workflow and automation capabilities

Optimal incident and problem management are core to the ITIL framework. It is not uncommon for an IT organization to face a problem where multiple incidents are reported for similar issues. This is where Freshservice shines through with its state-of-the-art AI and ML capabilities that ease an IT agent’s workload and improve their productivity by automatically classifying and prioritizing tasks and incidents. The ITSM solution is built to keep up with consumer expectations and help users achieve a faster time to value with their powerful workflow and automation capabilities. The automation alleviates the burden of clearing redundant and trivial issues that frequently bog down IT agents, so agents can focus on more complex issues. “If you lose your password, for example, you can instantly initiate a designated workflow that automatically orchestrates the password reset procedure,” adds Ramamurthy.

Scalable To Match Any Organizational Model

Manually searching for the right metric from a massive pile of existing reports in a service desk is always tedious. Freshservice, driven by a Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine, allows users to ask their queries in simple English, and the AI will fetch relevant reports and tables from its vast knowledge database. “When the Freshservice AI shoulders the responsibility of providing articles from an immense library, agents can eliminate noise and focus on more critical issues,” continues Ramamurthy.

In addition to its AI capabilities, Freshservice is flexible and scalable enough to be used by both: companies that rely on legacy systems in a hybrid cloud model and modernized organizations that run their IT operations entirely via the cloud. Deflecting repetitive requests, speeding up resolution times, and improving access to systems can streamline service management across all business lines in an enterprise. Making information readily available and connecting isolated teams under a unified platform is an absolute necessity in the current COVID-afflicted world.

In Freshworks’ case alone, the company has thousands of employees working from home, whose IT issues need to be managed. A convoluted solution would only make user interactions more frustrating. The company’s ITSM solution is designed to tackle and resolve this issue on two fronts. Firstly, the system UI is exceptionally intuitive and consumer-friendly. “When users switch from an app they are familiar with into a new one at their work desk, they expect it to be hassle-free,” says Joy Su, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Freshworks. The second challenge that Freshservice resolves is its ease of integration into a company’s existing digital architecture. With cloud services that merge with a client’s business processes and low code APIs that can be easily customized to fit their needs, Freshservice is a solution that can be configured seamlessly.
Clients can extend their Freshservice solution via Freshworks Marketplace, where they can choose from thousands of apps developed by partners and Freshworks. Furthermore, the solution’s simplicity indicates that users need only minimal training to be proficient in it.

A Story of Digital Transformation

Freshworks has a long history of helping clients, hailing from various industries, surmount hurdles in their digital transformation and IT initiatives. One such case study involves Elsevier, a UK based information analytics organization that helps scientists and clinicians find new answers to tackle the most urgent humanitarian crises. Before they engaged with Freshservice, Elsevier published more than 470,000 articles annually in over 2500 journals. The company’s next phase of growth required Elsevier to launch a digital transformation initiative that would completely migrate its services to the cloud. This was an ambitious yet challenging ITSM issue—one that several ITSM solutions could not solve.

“We aim to unravel the complex, automate the mundane, and allow users the freedom and ease of a consumer-grade app”

As a cloud-based, easy-to-integrate ITSM solution, Freshservice’s features coincided with the client’s requisites. The Freshservice team created over 1000 predictive models on 1.5 billion electronic health records using ML. With over a billion articles added by researchers globally, Elsevier can analyze them using collaborative filtering to generate intelligent article recommendations. Not only are Elsevier’s end-users engaged with the new, welcoming platform, but the company’s tech support could be more proactive by using Freshservice’s vast knowledge base. With Freshservice, Elsevier is now achieving an average first call resolution of 92.8% and a 95.9% CSAT.

Proactively Ready For the Future

“Although our solutions incorporate the latest market trends in terms of features and functionalities, we—as a company—strive to challenge ourselves to innovate further,” remarks Joy. In light of the pandemic, Freshworks has created a return to work app to gauge employees’ sentiments of fear or reluctance to resume their jobs at the office. The app assesses workforce and workplace readiness, thereby automating workflows to make the whole process effortless. Companies can use it to create questionnaires to understand an employee’s health and travel details, and is automatically sent to the reporting manager once filled. Even Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for employees can be provisioned with the PPE service catalog form. This helps managers procure, maintain, and replenish the PPE inventory to ensure employee safety.

A mix of extended periods of remote work and businesses’ need to stay productive has become a harrowing issue for organizations, and CIOs in particular. The global scenario is now an impetus for ITSM solution providers to simplify their complex products and create a more user-intuitive experience. But even before the international lockdown began, Freshservice was ahead of the curve with its AI and ML-intensive technology that placed the employee at the heart of a business.

“We aim to unravel the complex, automate the mundane, and allow users the freedom and ease of a consumer-grade app,” concludes Ramamurthy. And Freshservice is a solution that delivers those attributes and more, immaculately.


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Prakash Ramamurthy, Chief Product Officer

Freshworks is a company that creates innovative solutions for every organizational need. Freshservice is an intelligent ITSM product for the modern enterprise to deliver exceptional employee experiences with an intuitive, scalable, no-code solution. Freshservice’s intuitive, intelligent, no-code solution acts as a force multiplier, helping businesses of all sizes achieve efficiency, effectiveness, and greater ROI. It increases process efficiency and service agility by creating contextual and intelligent experiences through AI. It also empowers employees with consumer-grade user experience in the channel of choice, whether MS Teams, Slack, or Freshservice chatbot