FullContact: Connecting Data Fragments to Connect People

Scott Axcell, VP Marketing
In today’s customer-centric business world, delivering a personalized experience to every individual in both offline and online space is critical. The high touch experience supports stronger customer relationship that paves the way for improved brand performance. However, according to Scott Axcell, VP Marketing, FullContact, “There’s a paradox occurring with more consumers spreading their digital footprint, yet expecting increasingly personalized and cohesive communication.”

Moreover, as customer data is locked in siloed systems, there is an increased complexity in creating a synchronized and a single record for every individual across these systems. This creates impediments in dealing with duplicate data and creates a gap in mapping the audience online with their real-world identity.

A provider of a cutting-edge contact management platform, FullContact is committed to solving these challenges by reducing the complexities in unifying customer data from numerous social networks to form a single identity graph. “This ensures delivery of relevant and personalized experiences across online and offline channels,” says Axcell.

As the core of their platform, the identity graph allows companies to bridge the identity gap with a unified view of customers within their ecosystem. The graph matches social handles to email addresses and creates a complete 360-degree customer profile. Providing businesses with an email address, social handle or phone number, FullContact can return a complete customer profile based on publicly available data from thousands of sources. Once new data is added to the identity graph, companies can receive updates to the individual profile through a subscription service. “We have over one billion people profiles, 17 million company profiles, and we do 30 million updates per day; the vast data provides a meaningful context for our clients to converse with their customers,” says Axcell.

The company helps customers deepen their relationship with their customers via a suite of easy-to-integrate APIs that have the highest levels of data quality and security, and deliver the most actionable intelligence.

We have over 1 billion people profiles, 17 million company profiles, and we do 30 million updates per day; the vast data provides meaningful context for our clients to converse with their customers

Customers gain a competitive edge when it comes to creating audience segments, personas, and personalized customer and prospect journeys. It extends their customer lifetime value through deeper relationships and fosters interactions to become “Human to Human,” as opposed to the mostly transactional mindset of traditional B2B or B2C communications. The valuable insights achieved through the interaction allow customers to improve lead generation, content personalization, and customer experiences.

FullContact is currently working on a series of new APIs that will further enhance data quality and service delivery. The company’s dedicated Data Privacy experts ensure that they adhere to security and compliance standards such as SOC 2 Type 1, PCI, CSA Star Alliance, and U.S.-EU/Swiss Privacy Shield, as well as changes to these laws and rules. With these capabilities, the firm not only ensures data quality and security, but also helps companies identify, find, and create meaningful connections with prospects.

The leadership team at FullContact believes in product innovation and customer delight. Leveraging years of expertise, Axcell leads the firm to continually understand the business requirements of the customers, anticipate new demands, and supply innovative solutions. The company strides ahead to integrate new technologies for businesses to overcome the identity management challenges and gain more in-depth customer insights that deliver personalized and relevant experiences across all channels throughout the customer journey.


Denver, CO

Scott Axcell, VP Marketing

Provides an open platform for delivering a complete overview of individual customer profiles and activities