Fusion Risk Management: A Holistic Approach to Risk Management

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David Nolan, Founder & CEO
In today’s highly interconnected world, the number of vulnerabilities across an enterprise’s ecosystem is growing due to the proliferation of various cyber and geopolitical threat profiles. Businesses now realize that the multitude of vulnerabilities they face is not merely limited to the perimeter of their organization, but also extends into the supply chain and third-party collaborators. Against this backdrop, what perturbs the C-Suite most is they are unable to obtain a holistic understanding of the risks and the points of vulnerabilities affecting the enterprise. A piecemeal approach that stems from the lack of appropriate context hinders their ability to make informed decisions and make the most of their limited funds and resources.

“Vulnerabilities and threats are endless, but the funds to address them are not,” expresses David Nolan, founder and CEO of Fusion Risk Management. With deep subject matter expertise in business continuity and operational risk management, Nolan founded his company to help enterprises redefine their risk management programs. “As opposed to planning or assessment tools, we bring to the table a management system designed to provide the information foundation, analytics, and workflows for organizations to get the big picture on what and where they should be investing.”

Illinois-based Fusion aces the vulnerability landscape with their integrated, cost-effective, and comprehensive risk management system that facilitates organizations with the ability to ascertain risks throughout the enterprise. “Our objective is to deliver a flexible risk management model that enables companies to gather, organize, analyze, and visualize data, which empowers them to stay informed consistently,” remarks Nolan. Fusion’s end-to-end risk management system—Fusion Framework System—is integrated with extensive analytics and workflows, giving users the ability to determine forthcoming risks. This enables organizations to allocate resources to adequately and intelligently safeguard their investments. Unlike standard automated risk management tools, Fusion places emphasis on providing a solution that efficiently manages the workload of an entire risk team cost-effectively.

With a suite of technological services to offer, Fusion has layered its software with sophisticated security to ensure GDPR and CCPA compliance.

Our secret sauce has been to focus on how to make our customer successful by leveraging our growing knowledge of vulnerabilities in their ecosystem

Furthermore, Fusion Framework integrates with other systems of record within an organization’s digital infrastructure such as HR systems, emergency notification services, and third-party applications like ServiceNow to seamlessly collect and assess data. The information gathered is then analyzed and shared with the business front of the enterprise. “We have versatile software for managing risks, but we also offer comprehensive consulting services to essentially be an extension of the client,” says Nolan. To augment their software solutions, the risk management company provides its clients with a metaphorical shoulder to lean on by producing thoroughly researched vulnerability statistics and advice on the best risk assessment practices to employ.

Having offered their services to hundreds of satisfied clients for over a decade, Fusion collaborated with a bank that had 18 business process engineers who were struggling to manage risks across their organization. Fusion’s software, as well as their consulting services, not only improved risk assessment but also reduced the bank’s redundant administrative tasks by 70 percent—implying that the process engineers found ample amount of time to focus on the core functionalities of the enterprise. “The bank implemented our software and within the next six months, achieved all organizational goals with thoroughly managed risks and threat profile assessments,” says Nolan.

With geographical expansion in Europe in full swing, Fusion intends to bolster its staff and aims to foray into policy and compliance management. “From a go-to-market perspective, our secret sauce has been to focus on how to make our customer successful by leveraging our growing knowledge of vulnerabilities in their ecosystem,” concludes Nolan.

Fusion Risk Management

Chicago, IL

David Nolan, Founder & CEO

Fusion Risk Management Solution with its award-winning software, The Fusion Framework System, helps in preparing, managing, and refining the risk management programs of a company. With a practical approach of understanding that vulnerabilities are endless, but funds to address them aren’t, FusionRM is a matured risk mitigation solution aiming at balancing responsibilities to make the best use of limited funds and resources. It helps in automating processes and enables a secure connection with internal and external resources. Based on Salesforce Lightning Platform, Fusion is imbued with trust and security giving peace-of-mind.