GBST: The agility and innovation of a start-up with global support and scale-the best of both worlds

Nick Clarke, Executive Manager – Institutional Product
In the wake of the evolution of financial technology, markets set sail to embrace greater transparency and faster settlement by pruning reliance on manual processes. However, banks and brokers have struggled to keep up with the pace of change in available technologies. In the thick of this, the question is: how to contain costs and delight customers while addressing revenue compression, regulatory mandates, increased service demands from investors, individual market changes, and uneven trading volume? GBST has an answer to this. The company offers modern, modular and flexible products to address capital markets participants’ needs not only today but in the long term, exhibiting the best of two execution models: as a fintech startup and global financial service vendor. Backed by specialist technologies, market insight and industry domain expertise, GBST’s product portfolio includes a full post-trade processing solution, an international settlements engine, a global middle office application, an emerging markets custody solution, a domain enabled workflow platform for exception processing related to low STP processes, complex instruments, trade reporting, and a development platform.

GBST architected Syn~ to provide full asset class coverage, accounting capabilities, market connections, and data access to ensure client acceptance and business case fulfillment. “We market Syn~ as both a full-service solution as well as component solutions to help clients manage both the cost and risk of core processing technology change,” elucidates Nick Clarke, Executive Manager– Institutional Product, GBST.

The cornerstone of GBST’s success? Automation. Syn~ products are designed to automate middle and back office processing for banks and broker-dealers. Its single technology platform can be deployed to solve point solutions but can easily transition to become an end-to-end global post trade engine. The technology is essentially divided into two important product segments. Firstly, Syn~TAC offers post-execution and pre-settlement transaction processing across multiple asset classes for greater operational efficiency.
It is designed to integrate nicely with any trading system and extend into back office processing where required. Secondly, Syn~Ops delivers real-time international clearing, settlement, custody and asset servicing. Additionally, GBST’s Business Intelligence Reporting (BIR) tool is used to create business intelligence with a full range of pre-defined analytics, custom reports, and dashboards, tightly integrated with the Syn~ processing engines. The company has availed global domain experience and a vast number of capital market models for swift and cost-effective business change.

Tailored to deliver operational efficiency for firms of all sizes, Syn~ supports multi-asset classes, multi-tenancy, multi-entities, multi-currencies, multi-lingual communications, and more. GBST deploys its platform and services through the cloud as well as on-premise according to the client’s organizational requirements. Challenging the status quo, GBST surpasses the conventional legacy solutions by implementing a modular platform with embedded workflow for post-trade processing.

In one instance, a client in the U.S. market approached GBST to configure their Syn~TAC solution for MIFID II compliance—a problem challenging many industry participants. GBST implemented the change to the product, providing the client with early alignment once the regulation comes into force.

“We provide agile business and technical orientation to solve the most challenging problems faced by our clients,” says Clarke. Currently, GBST is focused on combining existing but separate product functionality to better serve the institutional and retail market segments. With regional markets at different stages of development and complexity, GBST is adopting a multi-faceted approach to meeting the changing demands of the industry. For example, in established markets, they are working with incumbent vendors and utility providers, whereas in newer, more dynamic markets, GBST is working to establish industry utilities or sell directly. The common factor in all cases is GBST’s focus on automating client operations, reducing cost and ensuring readiness for the next wave of innovation like blockchain, machine learning and robotic process automation.


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Nick Clarke, Executive Manager – Institutional Product

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