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Ronald Bertasi, CEO
Tommy Kurtz joined Texas’ Corpus Christ Regional Economic Development Corporation (CCREDC) as Vice President in 2015 to focus on recruiting major industrial and manufacturing projects to the region. Kurtz had a vision of sharing infrastructure data among the cities, counties and utilities in the region through their common use of the ESRI ArcGIS platform. Acting on this vision, CCREDC switched to GIS WebTech’s Recruit product, the only economic development solution built natively on ArcGIS. The result? A single online source combining data and analysis tools for businesses and site selectors to use when considering the region.

“GIS WebTech has developed the most advanced technology available for economic development,” states Ronald P. Bertasi, CEO of GIS WebTech. Atlanta, GA based GIS WebTech’s Recruit product allows an Economic Development Organization (EDO) to stand apart from the plethora of EDO sites that present limited functionality, superficial views and simple, summary data for site locations.

By integrating layers already built in ESRI by local governments and utilities, EDOs can provide granular details about infrastructure. “Through our product, site selectors and businesses can gain full details of the local infrastructure, all of which is selected and controlled by the EDO,” states Bertasi. An administrative panel allows clients like CCREDC to select the infrastructure layers they want to activate, and which layers to make publicly accessible or restrict to private access. The local government or utility maintains the layer in their “system of record” and when edited it is automatically updated in Recruit. There is no need for manually arranging GIS information in files and folders and transferring through emails.

Through our product, users gain full details of the infrastructure as well as essential demographic data

As the only solution providing access to the full ESRI demographic data set, Recruit emerges as the best choice to meet the demand of businesses and site selectors for high-quality, expansive demographic data. The company’s solutions also provide the advanced functionality businesses now require, as businesses increasingly seek to utilize EDO websites to perform analytics on the data provided. The company’s Recruit solution incorporates these features and data in an intuitive organization with an ease of use that creates an unrivaled user experience. GIS WebTech collaborates with EDO clients and performs extensive need analysis for customizing each Recruit implementation to align the salient features provided with the strategy of client EDO.

The company also provides Story Maps, cutting edge tools combining geospatial data with narrative, multimedia, and other information. Story Maps can be used to highlight a community’s strengths, showcase particular sites and properties, or convey almost any other economic development message–all in the form of an interactive, media-rich online story.

GIS WebTech has forged a successful partnership with ESRI that is benefiting the economic development market. The company’s technological leadership is driving rapid growth and bringing a fresh perspective to the EDO landscape.

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Ronald Bertasi, CEO and Michael Cleary, COO, Jason Elliott, CTO

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