Govini: Offering Public Sector Business Intelligence through Big Data

Eric Gillespie, Founder & CEO Tim Richardson, CTO
Big Data applications have yet to penetrate the largest market on the planet. While government spending accounts for 40 percent of the U.S. GDP, Govini Founder and CEO Eric Gillespie saw that contractors were not able to capitalize on the massive amount of unstructured data these agencies create. “These are the largest companies in the world and they need to keep growing their businesses, but they had no way to keep up with the data volume and velocity,” says Gillespie. “From military drawdowns to healthcare reform, government markets are changing and the companies serving them need to leverage data to define their strategic priorities, inform their decisions on evaluating adjacent markets, and take share from competitors. That’s where Govini helps our clients follow the money and master their markets.”

Since transparency laws make every government document and budget detail available to the public, Gillespie and his team designed a business intelligence platform that catches this data spray, then ingests, normalizes, and standardizes it. “We’re taking disparate data sets and mashing them up in a way that allows our clients to see around corners,” he explains. “Govini captures all publicly available government spending, which by itself is an invaluable resource, but then we layer on analytics, using those historic events to calculate the probability of similar, future events.”

This Big Data approach is quickly setting the Govini platform apart from its competition. Other solutions in the market rely on a traditional analyst model to gather, interpret, and input data, providing only a partial view of spending and limited search capabilities. Govini brings the competitive advantage of stronger market intelligence to answer critical strategy questions. C-suite executives use Govini analytics to visualize changing market dynamics, market size, opportunity qualification, competitive positioning, and partner profiling across a wide range of verticals that include Aerospace and Defense, Information Technology, Business Services, Construction, and Healthcare.
Cybersecurity is an example of a rapidly growing market where clients rely on Govini for a fact-based view of key players and growth potential. Recent high-profile attacks on U.S. Federal Civilian Agencies, such as the Office of Personnel Management data breach that exposed personal information of millions of current and former government employees, highlight the need for investment to modernize and protect outdated networks. A large Defense contractor turned to Govini to identify emerging segments. “They couldn’t pinpoint exactly what the Cyber market looked like for them, or where they should allocate their resources,” says Gillespie. “We helped them to focus on the areas where their products and services have the highest potential, and new adjacent markets where they have strength to enter and dominate, both organically and through strategic acquisitions,” says Gillespie. Govini data scientists then created a “Cybersecurity Taxonomy”, the first of its kind, to classify and segment all Federal Cyber spend. The resulting analysis grabbed headlines, showing that Cyber-related spend quintupled over the last three years and topped $30 billion in 2014.

Govini's database of record provides companies with a fact-based view of the market so they can follow the money

Clients also use Govini for M&A work to explore adjacent marketplaces, identify the undervalued or optimal assets, and then attribute an accurate market value to them.

According to Gillespie, Big Data technologies will become more and more ubiquitous, commercialized, up-scaled, and commoditized. Currently, the company is experimenting with non-traditional data sources and machine learning technologies to enhance its platform. “Our growth really focuses on the integration of new, often orthogonal data sources, and we are actively hiring the best and brightest talent in the DC area,” he adds.


Washington, DC

Eric Gillespie, Founder & CEO Tim Richardson, CTO

Proprietary data and analytics platform, which allows companies doing business in the government sector to answer critical questions around market size, opportunity qualification, competitive positioning and partner profiling.