Greenphire: Participant and Investigator Site Payments Made Simple

Jim Murphy, CEO
Having worked for years in strategic, financial, operational and other leadership roles internationally, Jim Murphy has an eye for diligence, which reflects in his efforts to foster a culture of innovation, growth, employee satisfaction and excellence, as he and Greenphire work to solve business problems within the life sciences industry. As the CEO of Greenphire, Murphy leads his experience-rich team at Greenphire to confront fragmented manual payment processes and data sharing challenges faced by clinical research stakeholders across the industry, enabling superior visibility, control, transparency and efficiency. As a business operating at the convergence of financial and clinical activity, Greenphire’s software and expertise bridges the gap between clinical research and financial automation.

Greenphire’s primary objective is to eliminate the administrative, financial and logistical burdens that sites and participants face throughout the life of a clinical trial. In doing so, the firm empowers investigators at clinical research sites to focus on research and patient care by automating financial workflows that are otherwise error prone and labor intensive. “Clinical trials pave the way for scientific advancement and our job is to ensure the investigative sites are not limited by the heavy administrative burdens so often present in clinical research,” explains Murphy. To achieve apt optimization, Greenphire’s solutions introduce centralized control and visibility into workflow and funds management, while preserving the flexibility that is essential when supporting a global clinical trial eco system.

On the participant side, Greenphire’s automated payment solution, ClinCard, reduces the administrative burden on the study coordinator and provides participants with a preferred, flexible payment method all while giving sponsors complete financial visibility. Greenphire’s personalized travel solution, ConneXTS, handles travel and logistic support for study participants, caregivers and family—from booking airfare and hotels to car rentals, specialized car services and more—for an optimal clinical trial experience. The firm’s robust automated investigator site payment software, eClinicalGPS, enhances payment workflows for improved transparency and accuracy while making it possible to pay investigative sites more frequently, addressing the critical cash flow challenges that negatively affect trial productivity.

With continuous improvement in our DNA, we ensure development of the best end-to-end workflow and activity-triggered payment solutions

Greenphire’s client-base comprises a spectrum of life science companies, including most of the world’s top pharma companies and CROs. Greenphire aims to help their pharma and biotech clients transform their site payment workflows and establish a more site-centric approach. After adopting eClinicalGPS, one of Greenphire’s sponsor clients was able to reduce its average payment frequency from greater than 90 days, to less than 30 days globally, and in some cases every two weeks. By automating and streamlining their site payments process, the sponsor has experienced significant workflow optimization resulting in improved accuracy and reduced workload for sites and internal stakeholders around the world.

With similar success stories for every enterprise sponsor client and high market adoption, Greenphire stands at the forefront of automated payments for clinical research by providing insights, expertise, and proven workflow optimization strategies to maximize the efficiency of clinical trials. Understanding that ‘one-size does not fit all’, the firm has achieved success through its maturity and ongoing commitment to evolve. By engaging and listening to their clients and sites, Greenphire has the ability to adapt, delivering solutions that offer regional workflow flexibility and system inter-operability to fit the unique and varying requirements of individual stakeholders and enterprise-wide initiatives. “Feedback drives our innovation machine, and with continuous improvement in our DNA, we ensure development of the best end-to-end workflow and activity-triggered payment solutions,” concludes Murphy.


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Jim Murphy, CEO

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