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Gaurav Mathur, COO
The changes that Covid-19 has induced are radical, impactful, and long-lasting. Even after more than a year into the pandemic, organizations are still striving to build resilience, manage business fundamentals with a balanced approach, and draw the right strategy for sustenance and growth. A sound online presence through mobile and web applications has become the cornerstone of such efforts. According to reports, approximately 66,000 mobile apps were released through the Google Play Store in August 2021. But do all these applications serve the business purpose of engaging a larger clientele? The answer lies in another statistic—mobile app uninstallation rates have increased by 80 - 85 percent this year. Many experts pose that the lack of scalability, long loading time, cumbersome UI/ UX, and fault in encrypted connections are the key contributors to this quandary.

Also, there has been a significant increase in online shopping versus footfalls in physical stores. This behavioral change has led more businesses to release apps. Customers today have more options and they choose the superior app with better user experience.

"We Also Have Built Machine Learning Capabilities to Actually Follow the User Journey. For this, Our Platform Does Not Leverage any Real User Data"

“When something goes wrong for an end user, you never know whether the problem is at the application layer, core layer, or the infrastructure side of things. Our goal as a company is to help clients find a needle in the haystack. Our data science capabilities can actually pinpoint why the user experience gets degraded and how you can fix it,” adds Gaurav Mathur, COO, HeadSpin.

Founded in 2015, HeadSpin is the world’s first Digital Experience AI Platform combining cloud-hosted and on-prem global device infrastructure, test automation, and ML-driven performance and quality of experience analytics for mobile, web, audio, and video. HeadSpin empowers engineering, QA, operations, and product teams to assure optimal digital experiences throughout the development lifecycle.

HeadSpin has set up a global device infrastructure in more than a 100 countries around the world. “When clients connect to our platform, they can easily access this device infrastructure. This enables them to conduct test execution in real life conditions at the edge, as opposed to a simulated environment,” Mathur adds. “We also have built machine learning capabilities to actually follow the user journey.

Our Data Science Capabilities can Actually Pinpoint Why the User Experience Getting Degraded and How You Can Fix It

For this, our platform does not leverage any real user data. This enables clients to better understand where the user experience is getting degraded or why their apps are leading to extreme battery drainage.”

Today, several businesses across multiple sectors, including retail, e-commerce, and media and entertainment, leverage this platform to ensure the optimal customer experience. To elucidate, specifically for the media and OTT companies, HeadSpin has designed a solution that can help automate the smart TV testing process. “All the digital natives can effectively utilize our platform to address their complicated app testing needs. More importantly, we have a self-service model where clients can directly hit our website and pick the free trial option. We also do a proof of concept for some clients to help them better understand how our platform can help them eliminate business challenges and gain insights into their core KPIs,” he explains.

To put things into perspective, an American image sharing and social media company was struggling to increase the speed and efficiency of its application across device types and locations. To this end, the company implemented one of HeadSpin’s cutting-edge products to create regression tests that run on Android builds generated from code changes and alerted the client when a PWT metric exceeded designated thresholds. When there were no alerts, they knew the app was good to go, which boosted confidence in merging pull requests and releasing them to their app users. When they did receive alerts, they resolved the regressions in about 21 hours, which is far less time than the multiple days it previously took the team to identify and fix a regression. This enabled the client to address all their issues and ensure an optimal user experience.

Backed by many such instances of client success, HeadSpin has designed a full-fledged expansion plan across the North American, European, and Asian markets. Also, we are continuously working on the technology front to enhance the customer experience. “The sun never sets at HeadSpin! We are always ready to answer client calls—and this is probably the biggest reason for our and our clients’ success,” Mathur concludes.


Palo Alto, CA

Gaurav Mathur, COO

Founded in 2015, HeadSpin is the world's first Digital Experience AI Platform combining cloud-hosted and on-prem global device infrastructure, test automation, and ML-driven performance and quality of experience analytics for mobile, web, audio, and video