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Claude Echahamian, President & CEO
Wireless Connectivity has become a necessity for today’s business operations.

A decade ago, the wireless network (cellular or Wi-Fi) was not a necessity in an enterprise environment—with internet usage limited to the sales and general admin; most businesses were operating with emails and wireline connections. However, today wireless connectivity has become indispensable for business operations. For CIO’s choosing the right options to meet the connectivity needs of their organizations is a key challenge that is not easily met.
iBwave offers an industry-leading solution to help plan, design and deploy in-building wireless networks that consider the unique requirements of each organization and help design future-ready heterogeneous networks.

"Heterogeneity of networks is something every CIO needs to address in the current wireless landscape. There are combinations of technologies in the market today which are available to decision-makers to provide broadband into particular premises," states Claude Echahamian, President, and CEO of iBwave Solutions. “The key here is to deal with these challenges and ensure the right solution is chosen based on the Enterprise’s requirements. iBwave works on the premise of helping CIOs make the right decisions regarding the best-suited technology solution for their wireless infrastructure” he added.

The Montreal-based company has a portfolio of in-building wireless network design solutions that is considered the industry standard. To date, iBwave has enabled great wireless experiences for billions of end-users and devices inside a wide range of venues. As the global industry reference, iBwave’s software solutions allow for smarter planning, design, and deployment of any wireless network project regardless of size, complexity or technology. Along with innovative software, the company also offers a well-established certification program to help users stay on top of industry trends.

Network Complexity

Today Network Complexity is a big trend along with Network Densification. Therefore, when designing a wireless network for an Enterprise, CIOs need to understand the nature and demands of their network to better prepare for the future. As the demand for more broadband data is increasing worldwide and technologies are evolving rapidly, it is important for companies to stay on top of all current and future trends.

iBwave’s solutions help Enterprises throughout the in-building project life cycle. From analyzing the business case and conducting site surveys to designing, implementing and running the operation and maintenance.

The philosophy of iBwave is to help customers design and build networks which are future-proofed regarding the capacity offered

“To deal with the complex set of network design needs many companies are looking at heterogeneous solutions that pair cellular with wi-fi to offer the best option that can deal with density. In general, businesses need an infrastructure that allows them to use a number of devices from anywhere in the building, also enabling remote workers to connect to the office network” said Echahamian. “Connectivity should not take a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather make the best use of all the options available” he added.

The Importance of Great Wireless

“Recent studies highlight, what can be called the 3 80’s rule. There is 80 percent growth in mobile data usage every year, 80 percent mobile data usage is in-building (not outdoors), and 80 percent of companies would switch provider if they had better in-building coverage” indicates Echahamian. “The rule, in combination with the complexity of networks, requires enterprise leaders or CIOs to increase their level of expertise in decision making concerning wireless in-building” he added.

How iBwave Helps and the Road Ahead

As the industry standard, iBwave is mandated by key telecom carriers and service providers worldwide. Since its inception in 2003, iBwave has been used for designing thousands of impressive venues worldwide. So, if you have ever been inside a major Airport, Stadium, Subway Station, Shopping Mall or attended a world class event such as the 2018 FIFA Soccer World Cup, chances are the wireless coverage you used, was made possible by a network designed with iBwave’s suite of products.

With the recent release of iBwave Suite Release 10, the software now has added capabilities to easily design high-density venues that leverage new and emerging technologies like LTE-Advanced, LAA, and CBRS.

Echahamian predicts a bright future for the company because of the scalability of the in-building platform. iBwave is not only simplifying the in-building processes with its solutions but also helping the enterprises learn and gain expertise while implementing in-building wireless networks.

iBwave Solutions

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Claude Echahamian, President & CEO

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