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Venu Yerra, Founder and CEO
Every business must deal with its own set of challenges. But arching above them all is a single unifying trend: digital transformation. Much of it starts with a paper-to-digital shift. Challenging the way one works so that they are less dependent on paper frees their organization to focus on high-value activities that drive customer satisfaction and top-line performance. With the ongoing pandemic, remote working means "the office" is no longer a place but a mindset. It has brought in a significant amount of focus for transforming manual and mundane processes. Geographically disparate systems and the ability to manage regulation, audit, and compliance are also the barriers in many industry's manual models today.

"The key aspect that we bring to the table is business transformation and change," begins Venu Yerra, founder and CEO of Idea Entity. The company provides RhyBus, an end-to-end business transformation and change management platform that transforms manual or semi-automated processes into a solution that reduces costs, improves quality, and customer experience. The company partners with its clients to effectively analyze their business scenarios, re-engineer processes to match the business scenarios and enable them through proven and innovative technology solutions that bring value. "Functional empathy is nothing but our ability to sit with the customers and empathize and understand the challenges they have within their business," adds Yerra. The firm dedicates much time to understand a particular issue of a client. After engaging with a customer, Idea Entity stacks all the client's information and develops storyboards or visualizations wherein a customer can understand how RhyBus will eradicate their specific problems.

Moreover, the firm already has hundreds of working workflows and allows clients to see a live working demo close to their problem on the RhyBus platform. "We provide them with a visual representation of how RhyBus can solve their problem, and there is no obligation on their part," adds Yerra. Once the customer is on board with the overall idea, Idea Entity brings in the RhyBus platform as a technology enabler to build those visualizations into a comprehensive solution for the client. "Every time we have built a solution, our customers have loved it," adds Yerra. A typical implementation takes around six to twelve weeks, depending on the size of the engagement. Idea Entity also acknowledges the client's organizational structure and culture to bring in the workflows effectively. The firm provides functional and technical support and helps with execution and communication for its user base.
Based on clients' economies at scale, Idea Entity also helps its customers through the mobile strategy's main aspects. By understanding specific problem sets, clients can realize whether they should go for a general application for both iOS and Android devices or device-agnostic applications, how frequently they will be rolling out updates, and if they should have multiple applications for different functions, just an all-in-one app. For instance, with a large government agency that has over 1.2 million folks around the world. Earlier, they traveled from one location to another to visit the finance office at a particular location to be reimbursed for travel and essential elements for housing. It was completely manual, and Idea Entity replaced the entire model with an online customer support system for multiple areas: payroll, travel reimbursements, budget, and accounting. All these functionalities are included in a system where today, these 1.2 million users, including a primary admin to executives, can get online using a pc, make a request, and get help online to resolve it. The live deployment was planned to take 12 months , but due to pandemic, Idea Entity sped up and went live in only five months, throughout the 22 time zones and 78 sites across the world. "It is a model that has been referred to across agency as a shining successful example of helping our service members," proudly states Yerra.

We want our customers to see more value than what they spend with us

RhyBus as a platform has already created a name for itself. Idea Entity aims to continue supporting customers in their efforts to improve their business processes, data analytics, team collaboration, and managing their regulatory audit and compliance. Idea Entity will be bringing to industry, significant breakthroughs by rolling out standardized processes. Meaning a customer, from a startup to a large enterprise, can immediately adopt the particular workflow and become process ready. As the customers start using the tools and technologies to enable their operations, Idea Entity plans to help customers grow the maturity level within their processes. "We want our customers to see more value than what they spend with us," concludes Yerra

Idea Entity

Herndon, VA

Venu Yerra, Founder and CEO

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