Igloo Software: Redefining Digital Workplace

Sean Duffy, Vice President, Product Strategy
The traditional nine-to-five schedule followed by the corporate sector has almost become a thing of the past in the present-day digital world. Evidently, flexibility at the workplace today receives the highest prominence. Employees prefer to work during shifts convenient to them, from any corner of the world that suits their requirements. One could say, with a great deal of certainty, that digital transformation is a major driving factor behind this drastic change in the work culture. However, it is not always easy to manage a digital workplace while being shackled by organizational silos that often restrict an employee to predefined confinements. For this very reason, there is an urgent need for a technological platform that brings together all the departments of an organization and various tools used by the employees while facilitating the efficient sharing of information and knowledge with just a few clicks. SaaS-based provider of digital workplace solutions, Igloo Software, addresses this very need with its Microsoft Azure-hosted platform. Based out of Canada, the company aims to redefine time-consuming tasks such as managing emails, gathering necessary information and resources required in the employees’ job roles, connecting with the employees, and looking for the right partners to collaborate with. To that end, Igloo, through its platform, has built a user-friendly space wherein employees can accomplish said tasks and more, with a great deal of sophistication and finesse.

Igloo emphasizes fostering an environment for its clients that involves a seamless flow of knowledge at an individual, team, and organizational level. “Through our offerings, clients can enhance corporate communications, employee engagement, knowledge management, and collaboration between teams, helping its workforce become more productive and engaged,” says Sean Duffy, Vice President (Product Strategy) of the company. For instance, its flagship product, Igloo Digital Workplace is an all-inclusive digital workplace platform which organizations leverage for a complete intranet solution that supports all departments and users. This can be contrasted with the company’s Zones solution, designed for individual business units that allows users to swiftly develop a digital workplace as per their requirement. Additionally, other individual solutions such as Igloo’s onboarding center, boardroom, and newsroom solutions play an essential role in fulfilling the company’s mission to provide a comprehensive digital workplace. Igloo also offers a fully featured software development kit that enables the client to leverage their existing expertise and technologies to build sophisticated functions with just a few lines of code.

Igloo’s offerings for improving a client’s digital workplace are suitably complemented by its consulting and support services. The Igloo playbook consolidates 12 years of best practices for optimum digital workplace management.

Through our offerings, customers can enhance corporate communications, employee engagement, knowledge management, and collaboration between teams and make its workforce more productive and engaged

Moreover, by maintaining a transparent and open communication flow with clients, the company works on the feedback received on content authoring, editing capabilities, or other professional services and continuously improves its product/service portfolio. The company’s expertise in providing exceptional digital workplace solutions is evidenced by its collaboration with a manufacturing customer that had a dispersed workforce across the globe. With employees in the US and Canada, the customer faced language barriers and lacked a centralized department of corporate communications that led to information fragmentation. Leveraging Igloo’s digital workplace platform, the customer incorporated its corporate news into the workflow, keeping the employees updated on the business affairs. Moreover, information pertaining to events, training and onboarding, and resources was made accessible to the employees to help them grow professionally easily and quickly. Employees could access Wikipedia and relevant forums to learn about manufacturing processes in its facility, post their queries, receive answers, and reply to others’ questions simultaneously. Igloo’s built-in translator could convert the content into multiple languages, thereby eliminating the language barriers. The customer also included a brand portal to leverage the latest corporate branding assets, a recognition center to acknowledge employees’ success, and an ethics center to ensure that employees adhere to the organization’s codes. With Igloo’s solution in place, 94 percent of the customer’s employees could gain information quickly and easily like never before. Translation became swift and cost-effective, and training of over 3000 employees could be completed in just one month, which usually took six months.

Without resting on its laurels, Igloo is currently improving its search capabilities to ensure that employees can obtain any business information whenever required. The offerings are also being integrated with content creation capabilities that would enable customers to improve communication functions. Also, the company is incorporating search analytics, AI services, and other innovative technologies into its platforms that would enhance digital workplace management.

Igloo Software

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Sean Duffy, Vice President, Product Strategy

Igloo is the leading next-generation intranet platform. Through its portfolio of digital workplace solutions, Igloo partners with customers to address challenges related to communication, collaboration, knowledge management, employee engagement, and culture. The Igloo playbook consolidates 12 years of best practices for optimum digital workplace management.