ImagineSoftware: AI-Driven Revenue Cycle and Practice Management

Sam Khashman, President & CEO
“If you can imagine it, they can do it.” A statement proclaimed by one of ImagineSoftware’s very first clients that shaped the future of the company. ImagineSoftware was incorporated and launched in 2000 by President and CEO, Sam Khashman, as a workflow and document imaging company. After successfully developing enterprise-wide analysis and financial systems in 2002, the company began to focus on the healthcare IT sector by 2003. 18 years later and the goal remains the same: to be the leading healthcare revenue cycle management platform.

ImagineSoftware is a progressive deviation from the traditionally siloed revenue cycle management (RCM) systems. By offering greater visibility into different organizational departments—information technology, patient engagement, and patient demographics—the software not only determines how each department interacts with one another, but also suggests an efficient workflow. The “cutting-edge” aspect of the company lies in its ability to continuously learn from existing practices, drive innovative development and create intelligent automation that help clients achieve optimal performance and measurable results.

Last year, ImagineSoftware became a first mover in the industry after implementing artificial intelligence (AI) within its product suite, allowing the machine to learn patient behavior in order to accelerate and enhance reimbursement. ImagineAI, as it is aptly named, allows health providers to gather detailed patient demographics and payer information while customizing billing messaging accordingly, based on patients’ ability to pay their medical bills. “Today’s patient collections approach is simply becoming unsustainable for medical billing staff,” stated Khashman. “The manually-intensive process of verifying coverage and working to obtain patient payments is no longer efficient.

We never forget who we work for. Without our clients, we’re just a software company. They are the reason we’re successful

We have pioneered the technology behind ImagineAI to create a truly unique, market-leading product that produces results in a fraction of the time and cost. This is a powerful, innovative approach to digital automation in healthcare, and we are extremely excited to set the new industry standard for revenue cycle management.”

Service is at the heart of the ImagineSoftware business. The company cements their success in the competitive RCM industry using a unique organization-wide approach called servant leadership. While traditional leadership generally is a “tops down” approach, Khashman has created an environment whereby the needs of others come first—whether it be clients, partners and employees. In 2017 ImagineSoftware was named to the Grant Thornton North Carolina 100® (NC100). Khashman stated “this accolade directly reflects our commitment to the success of our customers, through our culture of servant leadership and commitment to delivering innovative technology in the healthcare space.”

Truly caring about their clients and delivering software solutions with the utmost value together create the secret sauce behind ImagineSoftware’s significant growth over the years. Looking ahead, ImagineSoftware views its comprehensive RCM solution (powered with AI) and unparalleled servant leadership approach as key differentiators to overcome historical and “just good enough” RCM solutions in the healthcare landscape.


Charlotte, NC

Sam Khashman, President & CEO

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