Impartner: Seamless Integration of PRM

Joe Wang, CEO
For IT teams, integrating new technologies like PRM (Partner Relationship Management) into a firm’s existing infrastructure involves major concerns—the ease with which the PRM system can be integrated and deployed without causing network disruption is key to the buying decision. Likewise, ensuring a seamless integration of PRM with Salesforce, a core CRM system for many organizations in the world, is critical—enabling firms to plan their sales and accelerate their partner revenue. “Managing all aspects of the partner lifecycle is absolutely the right way to characterize the value of a PRM, and how it extends your CRM to the channel,” begins Joe Wang, CEO, Impartner Software. “With Impartner PRM, we easily integrate with all leading CRMs like Salesforce, where we can be seamlessly synched in a matter of days and instantly allow them to manage their partner’s performance with the same visibility as their sales team—without having to learn a new interface.”

South Jordan, UT based Impartner Software assists organizations in providing their valuable partners with personalized and excellent customer experiences at each step of their business interactions to accelerate growth in revenue. Imparter PRM’s set of powerful solutions brings the right partners into a firm’s program, ramps them quickly to revenue production, and enables them as a powerful amplification of marketing reach. Impartner PRM also facilitates real-time interaction with partners to see who is producing top results and where performance improvements are needed—all within an existing CRM interface. “We’ve been on the Salesforce AppExchange for nearly 10 years, and are the only pure-play PRM to do so,” says Wang. “This app gives our customers confidence that we meet Salesforce’s stringent guidelines for quality and security, and assures them, as a managed package, that the integration process will be quick and easy.”

Impartner has recently added a new app—Impartner Locator—to the Salesforce AppExchange, for Salesforce communities. Organizations can integrate with the Impartner Locator app as a standalone module, while providing their partners with unparalleled visibility and the ability to search by nearly every facet within their Salesforce profile.

We’ve been on the Salesforce AppExchange for nearly 10 years, and are the only pure-play PRM to do so

This is the same technology, which leading companies like National Instruments and BigCommerce rely on to build visibility and leads for their partners.

In a recent case study with BigCommerce, their channel chief said, “Our currency is how we differentiate partners to a merchandiser base that is predominately self-serve. That’s why the functionality we’ve been able to create with Impartner like our partner locator, our partner badging, and our ability to do faceted search within the partner locator are so critical. All of those things are things that help us differentiate our partner ecosystems and allow merchants to find them—and is a big part of what helps us drive our partner’s growth.”

Impartner’s engineering, customer success, and product development teams work hand in hand to ensure the evolution of its PRM solutions for both current and existing customers. “Our teams are at the forefront of trends in the industry to ensure that we’re anticipating our customer’s pain points and helping them address changes in the market before they impact their businesses,” explains Wang. A good example of this innovation would be Impartner’s recent announcement of the Impartner Channel Flow workflow builder, which allows vendors to manage their channel operations in real time based on changing market demands—without weeks of delay and heavy reprogramming. “There are a number of technologies that are broadly available in the market today,” concludes Wang. “With a focus on ‘ease of use’ and ‘consumerization’, we’ve leveraged these technologies to service our worldwide customer base.”


South Jordan, UT

Joe Wang, CEO

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