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Kristel Schimmoller, Senior Vice President of Product Innovation
“In a tailor-made service, you fit the cloth according to the size and taste of the customer, not just the taste and strength of the designer.”- DatemeTamuno

This quote, while relevant to the wave of customization sweeping over the healthcare industry, is misconceived by a host of vendors. As a result, organizations providing health services are caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to adopting technologies, systems, and approaches that are more aligned and responsive to their needs.

Healthcare organizations are left with tough choices. “On one hand, they have a solution that demands business process re-engineering, whereby they need to change their business processes—from utilization management to care management—in order to fit a particular technology. The alternative to this is to invest a significant amount of money and time during the implementation cycle to customize the platform to fit their business processes,” explains Kristel Schimmoller, a healthcare solutions executive with over 25 years of experience in building and delivering product solutions in the healthcare industry.

So, the question looms: how do health organizations find a solution that is tailored to their needs and business processes without costing them a small fortune?

InfoMC has the answer. As a leading provider of cloud-based healthcare management and care coordination software, InfoMC is assisting health plans, MCOs, behavioral health organizations, health systems, and public health agencies with discovering the appropriate balance between a customized solution and a configured solution, and how to implement it accordingly.

“Know what your customers want most and what your company does best. Focus on where those two meet.”

InfoMC offers a suite of workflow, data exchange, and analytics tools through its Incedo platform. Incedo is a care management and care coordination solution that allows InfoMC’s customers to easily identify, engage and measure intervention programs for high-risk, complex populations with a prevalence of chronic conditions, behavioral and social determinants of health needs. It equips clients with proactive and essential tools for optimal care management and care coordination, resulting in improved quality and cost of care outcomes. InfoMC collaborates with its customers to utilize targeted population health data to filter key factors of chronic health, long-term care needs, social determinants of health and behavioral health conditions and services. Based on this data, Incedo generates care management strategies, auto-generated individualized care plans, and care coordination workflows. Patients are placed into appropriate intervention programs, where they can be tracked, supported, and cared for in a way that reduces their overall medical cost.

In essence, InfoMC empowers their customers with not only the flexibility to tailor the environment to manage various programs and support their existing business process, but also with a comprehensive, yet timely, implementation process without additional costs. “InfoMC is focused on serving clients in the Medicare Advantage and Medicaid market. Organizations in this space are looking for a platform that facilitates and supports new and multiple programs, without requiring continuous investment into getting those programs operating within their business,” says Kristel, Senior Vice President of Product Innovation, InfoMC.

Backed by proven technology and extensive industry expertise, InfoMC takes pride in navigating its clients through technology implementation in a seamless manner. A typical client engagement involves providing subject-matter expertise right from the start of the sales process through to the implementation of the solution. Unlike other vendors that often have a complete handoff between the sales and implementation processes, InfoMC commences the discovery during the sales process and is “ready to hit the ground running when the customer wants to begin implementing.”

While most of the platforms in the market are focused on managing the medical care of an individual, our solution goes the extra mile to support comprehensive

The company draws on its in-depth knowledge and rich experience of having worked with many similar customers, to develop a starter kit. The starter kit sets the foundation for the clients to help them tailor and modify the environment and eliminates the need to build a new solution from scratch. “We help our customers get a foothold, in the beginning, to drive their implementation forward,” adds Kristel.

The Value of Integrated Care

At the core, InfoMC’s uniqueness stems from its ability to provide healthcare organizations with a truly integrated platform. From utilization management, care management, and disease management, to population health and care coordination, InfoMC’s solutions support these activities across the continuum. Kristel informs, “While most of the platforms in the market are focused on managing the medical care of an individual, our solution goes the extra mile to support comprehensive care. This includes services throughout the continuum for medical and behavioral health, and also incorporates the social determinants of health within the coordination of care.”

Incedo delivers auto-generated care plans that capture members’ medical, behavioral, pharmacy and social needs. “InfoMC started over 20 years ago as a behavioral health and Employee Assistance Program focused organization. About three years ago, we saw the trend of healthcare moving toward an integrated health model incorporating the medical, behavioral and social determinants of health. To address this, we expanded our care management solution and added in capabilities to support the medical aspects of care, allowing our customers to utilize a whole-person care approach with their members,” she adds. In 2018, InfoMC also expanded its already existing behavioral health utilization management capabilities to support medical as well. In addition to providing one more aspect of integrated care, this advancement also allowed the company to begin expanding into other markets.

To illustrate the solution and the services offered by InfoMC, Kristel cites their most recent client success story involving an up-growing Florida health plan. When the customer initially came to InfoMC, they were a new Medicare Advantage Plan launching in 2019. Banking upon their more than 20 years of experience across various facets of healthcare, InfoMC devised a robust configuration of their platform that enabled the organization to support and grow its Medicare Advantage business to over 5000 members in year one and to successfully expand its offerings beyond utilization management. Since that time, their member count has grown to almost 10,000 members, and their service offering now also includes broader care management. They see themselves well-positioned for growth in their market due to their ability to efficiently and effectively support their current business and to also offer new and innovative programs. InfoMC solutions have played a critical role in their journey to growing their business by expanding their service offering and steadily increasing their covered lives.

As for their future offerings, in 2020, the company plans to provide improved, out-of-box, clinical solutions to its customers. Their plans are based on an overarching goal of helping their customers to expand and grow their business by leveraging their technology to offer new and innovative programs to provide quality cost-effective care for their members.


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Kristel Schimmoller, Senior Vice President of Product Innovation

InfoMC is a leading cloud-based healthcare management company that delivers a person-centered, collaborative care platform to health plans, payers, and provider organizations