Innova Solutions: Strategic Innovator in R&D Operations

Rajkumar Velagapudi, CEO & President
Today, with the technology advancement in the pharmaceutical and life science industry, companies are demanding greater value, proven effectiveness of products, transparency and access to more information. In such a scenario, organizations are seeking more ways to improve R&D productivity, increase operational competence, rationalize spending on sales, and enhance financial performance. Innova Solutions, headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, assists pharmaceutical enterprises to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their R&D operations by formulating new strategies for success. “Our wealth of industry based R&D experience and expertise helps organizations to evaluate their research strategy, improve portfolio management, and identify cost saving initiatives,” says Rajkumar Velagapudi, CEO and President, Innova Solutions.

The company’s Big Data Enablement and Pharma Sales Enablement solutions transform healthcare firms to data-driven enterprises by leveraging big data and analytics technologies. “We help clients to better manage and process the growing volume of data through increased investment in analytics in order to drive R&D productivity and business profitability growth,” adds Velagapudi. Their bigdata services also help pharmaceutical R&D department to employ IT-enabled support system, increase clinical-trial efficiency, and improve risk measurement.

Moreover, the company manages the pharma sales reports that are spread out geographically through their Pharma sales analytics solution, which provides insights into prescribers and sales, helping retailing executives to track their performance by geography and franchises. “Our platform integrates with standard CRM technologies and ERP applications, enabling automation in certain core life science operational areas, while reducing time to market,” points out Velagapudi. Facilitating organizations to develop better team performance, the solutions also enhances customer engagement, optimize retailing team capabilities as well as provide data-driven territory management.

Innova Solutions also specializes in helping pharmaceutical organizations to successfully migrate to cloud.

Our platform integrates with standard CRM technologies and ERP applications, enabling automation and reducing time to market

“We leverage best-of-breed migration tools and consistent implementation processes to produce predictable outcomes, lower operational risks, and improve efficiencies,” explains Velagapudi. “We have the unique capability to approach project from an application-centric or an infrastructure-centric perspective.”

With more than two decades of experience under its belt, Innova Solutions empowers its customers to undergo tectonic shifts and employ new technologies for continually adapting to the market’s changing demands. In one such instance, a large global pharmaceutical organization in North America leveraged Innova’s sales enablement service to quickly roll-out new mobile CRM processes and tools for both smartphones and iPads to its sales organizations in multiple countries. To create a competitive edge over other players in the market, Innova Solutions empowered the client with an ongoing application support services. The service helped the pharmaceutical client to deliver their new capabilities to its sales force 40 percent faster and at significantly a lower cost. “Our main focus is to enable pharmaceutical firms to spend less time managing their enterprise IT environment and spend more time increasing revenue opportunities and developing new products,” adds Velagapudi.

In addition, standing apart from competitors, Innova Solutions has also been awarded the HIPAA Compliance certificate, which reiterates their commitment to highest levels of confidentiality, data security, and excellence while delivering the premier standards of performance for clients. Forging ahead, the company plans on empowering more pharmaceutical enterprises globally to make transition to new technologies, enhance service models in order to deliver highest business value in the upcoming years.

Innova Solutions

Santa Clara, CA

Rajkumar Velagapudi, CEO & President

Provides solutions to improve R&D efficiency for pharmaceutical organizations

Innova Solutions