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Jeff Roberts, CEO In a time of rapid technological change, organizations keep pace through a radical rethinking of their people, processes, and technology by implementing a digital transformation strategy. While larger organizations are more digital-ready to infuse game-changing technologies into their operations, a majority of small and mid-sized companies lag in this respect. Unable to contend with the fast-evolving technologies and overwhelmed with the prospect of adjusting every organizational component required for digital transformation, the companies turn to CIOs—the brains that are championing leading-edge technologies to drive successful digital transformation. However, a majority of small and mid-sized businesses that lack the resources to hire a full-time CIO end up relying on the specialized know-how of consultants for guidance on strategy and leadership. But as most IT consultancy firms have a fixed batch of consultants, they are restricted to assigning them at random to clients regardless of their consultant’s expertise or lack thereof in a specific client’s industry.

This invariably leads to a mismatch between a consultant and their client’s challenges.

This is where technology strategy consultancy, Innovation Vista, with a network of over 300 former CIOs and CTOs, provides the best fit consultants based on technical experience and skills. “For Innovation Vista, understanding the intricacies of a business model and the way they change over time form the crux of any successful digital transformation process,” says Jeff Roberts, CEO of Innovation Vista. The company leverages its wide network of C-level executives to offer consulting on strategy and leadership for IT, facilitating the transformation of organizations’ IT departments into profit centers through their digital capabilities.

Innovation Vista assigns its consultants to clients based on their industry experience and skills. The consultants walk in the door knowing the business model and the basics of the platforms in use in that particular industry, along with its pros and cons and where the revenue and costs come from. This gives Innovation Vista a jumpstart on delivering value to clients, enabling them to skip over a majority of the discovery phases that other consulting firms need when bringing a consultant to the table unfamiliar with the client’s business. This is what resonates with Innovation Vista’s clients, adding a significant distinctive advantage to their services.

Innovation Vista offers its solutions to a broad IT spectrum of clients. On one end of the spectrum are clients that are unable to stabilize their IT infrastructure with just their internal IT leader or existing vendor. Innovation Vista stabilizes these clients’ IT operations and offers optional upgrades or replacements for their existing systems to bring improved stability without affecting their top line or business model.

Clients in the mid-spectrum include companies with already optimized IT operations.
But having invested heavily in such optimizations, these companies remain anxious about being unable to get the “bang for their buck” that their competitors receive from the same technology. Moreover, isolated systems leave the companies unsure about the amount of output they receive from their systems. Innovating beyond efficiency, Innovation Vista’s C-level consultants help these businesses optimize their IT and data while minimizing spend by assessing their systems and zeroing in on the right approach for their technologies.

On the other end of the spectrum, Innovation Vista’s clients are equipped with their ideal IT systems, but they feel the need to innovate further. Their goal is to be on a par with their competitors through innovation and possibly even disrupt the industry, which will help them take market share away from competitors. Innovation Vista helps clients build on that innovation, whether it is through artificial intelligence or the latest technologies around augmented reality, virtual reality, and robotic process automation.

With every client, whether it is an investment or an acquisition, Innovation Vista methodically starts out with an assessment. If clients seek to improve their IT platform, Innovation Vista follows the assessment with a strategic roadmap of recommendations and specific projects that make sense for upgrading the IT capabilities as well as the impact of IT for the client. This way, clients leverage the benefits of the consultant’s expertise, but for a much more affordable price than the cost of bringing someone on full-time as a CIO.

"Having a ‘Solid It Platform’ is The Bottom of our Pyramid in the Framework"

Stabilize, Optimize, Monetize

As the landscape of IT systems grows increasingly complex every day, various capabilities emerge that can be critical for some businesses and utterly redundant for others. Innovation Vista has developed a proprietary framework to help companies zero in on the prerequisite basic capabilities needed to stabilize their IT systems. This helps businesses operate their systems reliably, enabling them to scale and be secure without the risk of breaches. And more than just improving efficiency or capability, Innovation Vista believes in changing the business model of its clients through technology. With a unique approach and mindset, the company’s focus on driving revenue and market share with technology far outruns any of its peers in the industry.

“Having a ‘solid IT platform’ is the bottom of our pyramid in the framework because companies that try to innovate or find efficiencies without a level of stability tend to constantly struggle as they are building on a foundation that is not strong enough,” says Roberts. For instance, some clients approach the company looking to instantly ramp up an artificial intelligence program even though their IT systems lack any stability or core performance. Here, Innovation Vista’s policy is to have the prerequisites in place first, which is ‘stabilize, optimize, and then monetize’ to get the most value from an IT platform.

As per their strategy, the company first integrates the client’s platforms allowing the data to flow across all systems. As automation and efficiencies come into play, the systems become stable. This is where the IT starts adding value, culminating in an optimized platform. With the efficiencies reaching an impactful level, Innovation Vista finally moves on to ‘monetizing’ with technology, which is the top line focus.
While there are countless firms that specialize in stabilizing or optimization services, only a few focus on monetizing IT and data. Innovation Vista combines clients’ business and industry knowledge with its technical expertise and innovative mindset to help clients realize revenue opportunities or create brand new revenue streams.

The Definitive Answer to all IT Concerns

Among Innovation Vista’s ever-growing record of successful engagements, the case of a financial intermediary that was in the midst of a digital transformation strategy stands out. When approached to assist with this new initiative, Innovation Vista worked with the client’s leadership team and IT department to identify projects that promised significant ROI. Their payoff was immediate with Innovation Vista’s digital optimization of their business model, which helped the client amass additional revenue with large market share gains, comprising a 400 percent ROI just in the first year alone.

Upholding the sentiment, “All warfare is based on deception,” as stated by Sun Tzu in The Art of War, Innovation Vista maintains confidentiality of its past clients and partnerships to protect their clients’ strategies against competitors. This approach is useful for new and potential clients and has helped Innovation Vista build trust with a mid-sized company that had been experiencing cultural tension and low morale within their company, in addition to the stability and monetization issues of its IT systems. Ensuring utmost confidentiality, Innovation Vista gathered insights on the client’s IT operations and evangelized a culture of ‘succeed or fail together.’ Paired with their ‘stabilize, optimize, and monetize’ methodology tailored to the client, Innovation Vista’s approach proved to be extremely effective for the client, bringing positive change to their IT platforms and processes, and to their entire office climate.

For Innovation Vista, Business Model Change Is The Core Of Digital Transformation

At Innovation Vista, the consultants have access to the latest and the greatest best practices, product research, methodology research, cybersecurity notices, and more. As a benefit of being part of a network of several hundred industry experts, Innovation Vista’s consultants have the freedom to bounce ideas and questions off one another. They remain in contact with clients ranging from startups to established companies involved in innovative undertakings, which keeps the company on the leading edge. By not partnering exclusively with any vendor, Innovation Vista stays neutral and is able to guide its clients without any preconceived preferences.

With competitive services that help clients across the whole spectrum of digital maturity as well as a unique approach to ‘monetizing’ clients’ IT systems, Innovation Vista is the unequivocal answer to any IT department’s digital or innovation demands.

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