Intapp [NASDAQ:INTA]: Powering the Professional Services and Capital Markets Firms of the Future

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Sebastian Hartmann, Vice President, Alliances
Intapp [NASDAQ:INTA] offers AI-infused cloud software solutions designed to transform professional and financial services firms’ most critical and unique business operations and decision processes.

Intapp is trusted by the world’s premier private capital, in¬vestment banking, legal, accounting, consulting, and commercial real estate investment firms – including 96 of the Am Law 100, 7 of the top 8 global accounting firms, and more than 1,200 private capital and investment firms as well as corporate legal depart¬ments. For more than 20 years, Intapp has been helping firms meet rapidly changing client, investor, and regulatory require¬ments, while boosting productivity, operational efficiency, and client experience and outcomes.

Through its strategic partnership with Microsoft, Intapp de¬livers industry-specific solutions on its Microsoft Azure-based industry cloud. Intapp’s solutions are deeply integrated with and complementary to the Microsoft technologies clients use every day, including Microsoft 365.

“Microsoft’s robust cloud capabilities, combined with In¬tapp’s industry-specific solutions, help partner-led firms discover and adopt operational efficiencies and unlock the full value of their data to deliver context-aware information to professionals directly, in the software solutions they use most often—Microsoft Office, Teams, and SharePoint,” says Sebastian Hartmann, Vice President of Alliances, Intapp.

Powerful Solutions Bring Breakthrough Results


DealCloud provides a single source of truth to help profession¬als manage relationships, execute deals, and easily connect with external solutions and third-party data providers. DealCloud lay¬ers integrated deal, relationship, marketing, and compliance solu¬tions alongside the ability to easily connect to external systems and third-party data providers to unify the entire deal lifecycle from strategy through origination and execution. With DealCloud, Investors and advisors can react faster, make better decisions, strengthen and leverage relationships, and execute complex trans¬actions.

Collaboration & Content

Collaboration & Content enhances collaboration, simplifies compliance, automates governance, and helps financial and professional services firms deliver more productive, profitable engagements. It achieves this by enhancing the capabilities of Microsoft365 to meet the unique needs of partner-led firms.

It extends Microsoft Teams to provide engagement-centric experiences with service-specific and template-based auto-provisioning, including key attributes, folder and content struc¬tures as well as Microsoft Planner tasks to tailor the workspace for the task at hand. Automatic lifecycle management contains content sprawl and protects sensitive data. It also facilitates knowledge capture by linking content and folder structures across systems, and bolster compliance by automatically and easy manual filing of emails and attachments to Microsoft SharePoint and other key systems. These capabilities elevate firms’ existing Microsoft 365 technology and investments to a purpose-built collaboration solution, allowing professionals to work on and manage documents safely and efficiently both internally and with clients within a shared external collabora¬tion portal.

Collaboration & Content also delivers a comprehensive mat¬ter management solution for corporate legal departments using familiar Microsoft 365 applications.

Risk & Compliance

Risk & Compliance offers risk and compliance professionals the solutions they need to thoroughly evaluate new business, onboard clients quickly, and monitor relationships throughout the client lifecycle. Enhanced by AI, machine learning, and pre¬dictive analytics, Risk & Compliance helps partner-led firms improve conflicts clearance, mitigate risk, and ensure compli¬ance throughout the client lifecycle, turning risk and compliance management into a competitive advantage.
Marketing & Business Development

Marketing & Business Development gives marketing profes¬sionals the tools they need to develop effective pitches and cam¬paigns and track the ROI of their efforts. It helps grow existing client relationships and optimize client retention strategies lev¬eraging AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics.

Operations & Finance

Operations & Finance is an integrated solution for time record¬ing, prebilling, and compliance. It allows clients capture missed and under-recorded time, ensure client compliance during time recording and prebilling, manage efficient billing processes in a collaborative workflow-based UI, and accelerate the work-to-cash cycle with increased realizations and client satisfaction.

More than 2,000 Firms Rely on Intapp

Clients benefit from the partnership between Intapp and Micro¬soft in several dimensions.

Tight Integrations for Efficiency and Productivity: Intapp’s and Microsoft’s highly interoperable products foster integrated experiences designed for partner-led firms that boost efficiency and productivity. The integration with Microsoft’s cloud technologies and products such as Microsoft Office, Teams, and SharePoint, Viva, PowerPlatform, and others streamlines workflows and supports professionals across legal, accounting, consulting, and capital markets.

Microsoft’s robust cloud capabilities, combined with Intapp’s industry-specific solutions, help partner-led firms discover and adopt operational efficiencies and unlock the full value of their data to deliver context-aware information to professionals directly, in the software solutions they use most often—Microsoft Office, Teams, and SharePoint

Accelerated, Industry-Specific Innovation: Intapp and Microsoft share a common ambition to transform the professional and financial services industry by offering modern workplace solutions to support innovation and digital transformation. The companies are deeply committed to innovation that enables firms to keep up with modern client and workforce demands; connect people, processes, and data; and outpace competitors by operating more efficiently, profitably and with better client and employee experiences.

Rapid Time to Value: With Intapp’s solutions built on Azure clients can offload infrastructure management, streamline their resource needs, and harness the investment and scalability of Microsoft technology.

Trusted Cloud Transformation: Intapp helps financial and professional services firms unlock the full value of the Azure cloud fast and at scale – including security, support for jurisdictional data sovereignty, and compliance requirements by design.

Intapp client, Armstrong Watson, a UK-based account¬ing firm, is using Collaboration & Content to manage Micro¬soft Teams, mobile email, and document management, as well as third-party collaboration. Collaboration & Content enables comprehensive remote work for the firm while maintaining full compliance controls over email, clients’ records, document fil¬ing, audit trails, and Microsoft Teams use.

“I can honestly say we’re seeing seismic ramifications from or decision to transform the way we work. When I wrote my board report for the past year, I described (implementing Collaboration & Content) as the biggest step for technology in the firm for 10 years since we moved our servers into a data center,” says Toby Woodhead, Head of Technology, Armstrong Watson.


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Sebastian Hartmann, Vice President, Alliances

Intapp is an industry-specific cloud platform designed to revolutionize professional and financial businesses' most crucial business operations and produce game-changing results. The Intapp platform, powered by AI, is interoperable, versatile, and adjustable to satisfy industry-specific requirements