Intelinair: Crop Intelligence Solutions for Data-Driven Agronomic Decisions

Tim Hassinger, CEO
From sowing the seed to reaping the harvest, a multitude of agronomic decisions is involved in making every growing season a success. To make informed decisions and maximize farm efficiency, farmers are leveraging remote sensing technologies and deep learning advancements. These technologies empower farmers and agronomists with crop intelligence to determine crop type, and identify crop stress and weeds. AI is powering the agriculture industry with superhuman precision, enabling growers to “see” every plant.

Intelinair an automated crop intelligence company—leads the charge in taking agricultural intelligence to the next level.

Intelinair leverages AI and analytics to provide farmers and agronomists with actionable, data-driven insights for improving crop performance and yield, achieving high crop efficiencies, minimizing costs, and saving time.

“There’s a history of over-promising and under-delivering in the sector and farmers often end up using digital offerings that fail to effectively improve their agricultural operations. We are a committed partner delivering on what we promise,” says Tim Hassinger, CEO of Intelinair.

Intelinair equips ag retailers and farmers with AGMRI—a cognitive AI platform purpose-built for the agriculture industry. The platform harnesses the power of machine learning, computer vision, and high-resolution imaging to deliver a complete and uninterrupted view of every acre of the field, from planting to harvest.

Intelinair recently launched two innovations, AGMRI Enterprise and high-resolution satellite imagery services, as part of the AGMRI platform.

Designed specifically for ag retailers, AGMRI Enterprise provides a current, aggregated view of fields with regularly scheduled flights, enabling them to elevate management recommendations and service all season long. The high resolution satellite offering, on the other hand, leverages various imagery sources and helps farmers gain a new perspective of the agronomic conditions by delivering fresh information along with historical insights.

AGMRI provides farmers and ag retailers with accurate alerts throughout the growing season to help them proactively manage the crops in their fields and make real-time decisions. For instance, during the time of crop emergence, the platform helps farmers determine whether the field needs to be evaluated for issues around plant growth or crops must be replanted.
AGMRI also discerns the risk of a plant disease before the human eye can perceive it.

As no two fields are ever the same, AGMRI uses a digital twin to create a unique model for each field and organizes this data into layers that represent the condition of the field. This enables the company to better analyze fields and deliver alerts that lead to high-quality, actionable insights.

The success stories of several farmers and ag retailers are testimony to the robust capabilities of the AGMRI platform. Case in point, a group of customers leveraged the platform to detect a rise in the temperature of plants, which could potentially result in disease. The platform delivered alerts to customers several days before the field showed symptoms of the disease. With this, the customers could address the issue by managing scouting schedules and the input inventory well in advance.

There’s a history of over-promising and under-delivering in the sector and farmers often end up using digital offerings that fail to effectively improve their agricultural operations. We are a committed partner delivering on what we promise

Scripting numerous customer success stories, Intelinair is geared for a promising future with a strong commitment to excellence. The company recently cut the ribbon on its new headquarters in Indianapolis. Steering ahead, Intelinair is excited to leverage the emerging growth opportunities across the Corn Belt. Besides, the company has plans to make its solution available for about 20 new crops.

A 2021 industry survey states that 75 percent of farmers have not used precision agricultural tools yet. With this in mind, Intelinair is focused on bringing the power of data analytics, imagery, and AI to farmers while aiming to double the acres it monitors using its platform this year.


Indianapolis, IN

Tim Hassinger, CEO

Intelinair provides farmers and agronomists with actionable data-driven insights to improve crop performance and yield, minimize costs, and save time.