InterWeave Smart Solutions: Integration for SaaS and Enterprise Applications

Bruce Magown, CEO, Chairman, Founder
“InterWeave’s first introduction to Salesforce was in the year 2000, when Salesforce v2 was released,” recalls Bruce Magown, CEO of InterWeave. The firm was using Salesforce as their CRM solution while building v1 of the InterWeave Integration Engine—focused on in-house installations for any to any protocol integration. As the team at InterWeave became more dependent on Salesforce as their Sales tool, the aspect of integrating CRM to Financial Applications and Databases spoke loudly. “But the difference in the price point of an Enterprise Engine to the Fortune 100 is quite different then the price point of a SaaS, Hosted Solution like Salesforce,” says Magown. InterWeave’s team of experts spent three years re-tooling InterWeave from an on-site Enterprise Engine to a SaaS, Hosted Solution running at Rackspace Managed Hosting, and have been there ever since. “The concept of a one to many, many to many, protocol to protocol integration engine was the heart of what the InterWeave Integration Engine was, and we delivered this, working with customers, assisting them with their integrations and building out InterWeave’s capabilities,” delineates Magown. “This result was the InterWeave Smart Solutions Platform,” smiles the CEO.

The InterWeave Smart Solutions Platform was designed and built based on five core principles; easy to use; easy to set up; click to customize; no software hassles and security you can count on. “By providing these, we feel InterWeave compliments Salesforce, and Salesforce compliments InterWeave,” extols Magown.

The firm’s InterWeave Smart Solutions Platform along with Salesforce’s capabilities provides clients with integration to financial applications, ERP, eCommerce, ACH/CC Payment Gateways, and databases in a hub/spoke model. “We create solutions for Salesforce with features like object selection, business process, workflow selection and field mapping,” says Magown. With the help of this flexible platform, clients can implement their business processes and workflows without any program modification or work order costs. In addition, InterWeave works with Partners, providing “white-label” integrations to support their client’s requirements.

The concept of a one to many, many to many, protocol to protocol SaaS integration engine was our objective; and we delivered this

Clients can also utilize the robust offerings for financial applications like QuickBooks, Sage/Mas, MS Dynamics, Oracle, and others. Clients can also leverage iOffice—a comprehensive quote, order, payment and inventory solution to streamline their financial CRM operations – all within Salesforce.

The testimonials of InterWeave’s customers speaks volumes about the company’s prowess.

“My name is Lloyd Ebert of Patina Solutions and InterWeave integrated Talent Rover with our Sage 50. This group is a five out of five.”

“My name is Lori O’Neil of the Foods Resource Bank and InterWeave is patient, supportive, flexible and go beyond their Smart Solutions by providing advice and best practice. This group is a 5 out of 5.”

InterWeave continues to expand their configurable integration solutions and functions to support the client’s business process and workflows with a user-friendly interface. The firm will be introducing the InterWeave POS Solution based on “We have been working on this for the past year with several Non-Profits and are quite excited about introducing this to our new POS Customers,” says Magown. Next, is the InterWeave IoT engine. “I continue to be amazed at the level of complexity and sophistication our customers create in the Salesforce ecosystem. Our job is to translate that complexity and sophistication into protocol specific transactions for Financial Applications, Payment Gateways, and eCommerce Solutions.”


New York, NY

Bruce Magown, CEO, Chairman, Founder

InterWeave offers CRM, Financial, and Payment Gateway Solutions in a SaaS, Hosted model