Intratem: Effective Management of Mobility Services

Dimitry Malinsky, CEO & Co-Founder
As mobility in the enterprise arena grows, with that growth comes an increased strain on security, privacy, user support, budget, and time. Modern businesses are inundated with evolving technologies and trends, such as the increased adoption of IoT devices and latest protocols. This evolution brings major benefits to businesses, but in order to reap these benefits organizations must adapt to unprecedented challenges: how does a company keep costs low while maintaining in-house visibility and effectively supporting its end-users? Intratem is a Los Angeles, California-based firm dedicated to helping companies tackle these hurdles.

Intratem has carved a niche in the market for expense reduction and mobile device management services. In order to make this service as effective as possible for its clients, Intratem complements it with performance and financial reports, help desk, support for client end-users, and mobile optimization solutions that bring down costs without compromising on security. “Our brand is built upon identifying efficiencies and optimizing enterprise infrastructures. We cut mobile expenses and take on the burden of mobility support at no net cost to our clients,” says Dimitry Malinsky, CEO and Co-Founder of Intratem. “This gives company's internal IT personnel more time to address more important matters.”

Intratem offers expense reduction and management through a proprietary system that helps companies avoid the unneeded expenses that accrue over time with data influx. These expense reduction and management services are designed to keep company costs at their lowest without requiring any switching of wireless carriers, contracts, or equipment. Intratem analyzes every single charge, line, discount, and account set-up option in order to enhance the client’s cost savings.

Many companies overspend on wireless expenses because their usage plan never accurately matches their actual usage each month. Intratem helps companies find savings opportunities that cover a range of enterprise communication features, including unused lines, international travel, and corporate discounts.By proactively looking through clients’ data usage and needs, Intratem eliminates the guesswork and ensures that a company’s mobile plan mirrors their actual usage, reducing waste and increasing client savings.

We cut mobile expenses and take on the burden of mobility support at no net cost to our clients

Intratem stands out from competitors by taking full responsibility for the realization of the savings it identifies and by pairing its services with a contingency-based performance model. With features like satellite phone and service continuity, mobile device staging, and user ID verification process, Intratem delivers an end-to-end enterprise mobility management solution. The organization is a strong mobility partner for future growth, and its services sync with both overworked IT personnel and clients who are looking to reduce expenses.

Intratem’s services are widely appreciated by clients in addressing their challenges and adding value to their business. One notable success story involves a mechanical engineering firm with about 600 mobile users. Intratem performed its initial no-obligation review of the client’s three wireless carrier accounts— Verizon, AT&T, and U.S. Cellular, and provided a solution that generated 38 percent savings. Intratem realized the savings on the firm’s next billing cycle and also eased the company’s operations, strengthened cross-carrier data reports, and assisted IT with its specialized help desk.

Intratem’s long-term goals include increasing brand presence in major metropolitan areas. The company recently launched its cloud-based Mobile Device Management (MDM)/ Mobile Application Management (MAM) solution to enhance proprietary expense management, help desk/device deployment, and reporting services with a vital security component.

Intratem strongly believes in relying on its own resources to build its strength and continues to invest in R&D in order to adapt along with the constantly evolving technology market. Intratem intends to continuously improve its enterprise mobility management applications and proactively innovate in the mobility arena to be at the forefront of the curve.


Los Angeles, CA

Dimitry Malinsky, CEO & Co-Founder

Intratem focuses on expense reduction and offers wide range of services to manage and enhance the mobile infrastructures

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