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Marco Gocht, CEO
Prior to the days of smartphones and tablets, IT departments had complete control of authorized devices that were linked to enterprise networks. The mobile revolution has however overturned IT administration with enterprise devices connecting to the network along with personal devices of users and visitors, causing serious challenges. “The problem has shifted from being focused on Mobile Device Management (MDM), to creating a safe environment for employees to access corporate data through their devices,” says Marco Gocht, CEO of ISEC7 Group. “The need of the hour is to enable and identify new processes that guarantee business continuity in the mobility landscape.” ISEC7 Group has years of experience in designing, implementing and operating mobile infrastructures. Working hand in hand with clients, ISEC7 Group’s experts define customer’s mobile strategy while analyzing their existing organizational processes, and assisting them to adopt evolving mobile technologies.

According to Gocht, with the advent of hybrid IT environments, users are connecting from on-premises or cloud components using different services which need constant monitoring to ensure business continuity. ISEC7 EMM Suite is a highly effective, platform independent Advanced Service Monitoring (ASM) and management solution. It allows optimized operation of hybrid mobile infrastructures as well as the best possible administration of smartphone fleet and unmatched end-to-end mobile infrastructure monitoring, including Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), legacy servers, carriers, devices and much more. “The ISEC7 EMM dashboard can alert the IT operations on the source of failure with control lights immediately indicating the current status of all features within a mobile infrastructure,” adds Gocht.

The ISEC7 EMM Suite is a web-based monitoring and management platform that allows administrators and users to view real-time information about the entire mobile infrastructure, as well as perform administrator duties to meet the on-going demand.ISEC7 EMM facilitates the use of complex infrastructures and delivers relevant information to keep the business processes running smoothly and cost effectively.

The ISEC7 EMM dashboard can alert users on the source of failure with control lights immediately indicating the current status of a mobile communication

BlackBerry Limited has partnered with ISEC7 for enhancing their cross platform EMM solution—BES12. ISEC7 EMM ASM for BlackBerry, complement’s BES12s architecture and provides the BlackBerry’s enterprise customers with the level of control and management that they are seeking.

ISEC7’s Mobility for SAP is another powerful but lean software solution to mobilize processes in SAP, where customer specific enhancements are applied with existing Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) know-how. “ISEC7 Mobility for SAP helps to increase the sales efficiency with mobile access to relevant data, speeds up processes with mobile workflows, reduces costs due to reduction of paper based process steps,” explains Gocht. In an instance, the company’s long term client nora systems—offering rubber flooring solutions wanted a new mobility strategy on the basis of the latest technology–with iPads and iPhones as mobile devices for their workforce. ISEC7 presented a native generic app installed on the iOS device connecting directly to the SAP CRM system via web services. All displayed data and functions were entirely developed and customized in SAP ABAP. Since the implementation, nora systems’ was able to optimize their sales processes while saving time of sales representatives as they can have mobile access to the latest information at any time.

For the days to come, the company is looking towards international expansion along with improving their range of products with intense R&D. “We are called ‘a 360 degree mobility solution provider’ worldwide, assisting companies with the design, support, and operation of global mobile enterprise infrastructures,” concludes Gocht.

ISEC7 Group

Hamburg, Germany

Marco Gocht, CEO

ISEC7 is focused on offering consultancy, services and software development for mobile communication solutions

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