iTraq: Driving Business Value through Location Tracking

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Roman Isakov, Co-Founder & CEO
“Can you make custom-designed tracking solutions with long battery life? How about implanting some extra sensors? How much time do you need?” These are some of the questions potential customers from the business world frequently ask Roman Isakov and his team at iTraq.

Team iTraq’s client engagement strategy is one of its kind. In less than three weeks, iTraq unveils a fully working prototype of an interoperable tracking device that can last a year on a single charge. Developed using their standard architectural templates, the rechargeable wireless device uses hybrid approach to determine the location of items from anywhere in the world in real time from a smartphone. Controlled through iTraq’s IoT platform, the device seamlessly collects data from additional built-in sensors that measure temperature, pressure, humidity, and acceleration of the devices. “We architect both hardware and software of our IoT solutions; these solutions are advanced and easy-to-use as they are built according to the unique needs of the individual customer,” says Isakov, co-founder, and CEO of iTraq.

Numerous organizations are investing in building out capabilities to ‘digitally transform’ their business. From construction firms to manufacturers to supply chain companies, every organization is aiming to lead the market by offering data-driven, value-added services to their customers. At this juncture, iTraq, with its enterprise-grade device tracking solutions and advanced sensor capabilities is perfectly positioned to help companies adopt the digital revolution and better engage their customers. Businesses from the container and supply chain arena are already using iTraq’s solutions as a cost-saving tool to track shipments and assets. These solutions can also prove beneficial in production environments to alarm workers when in danger or if they have entered a restricted zone.

Isakov cites an example of an experienced company that supplies manufacturers with wooden pallets for loading goods. It was discovered on few occasions that goods were damaged during delivery and the probable cause was impossible to understand. iTraq rose to the occasion and deployed a ruggedized tracking device with an impressive battery life inside the wooden pallet.

We architect both hardware and software of our IoT solutions; these solutions are advanced and easy-to-use as they are built according to the unique needs of the individual customer

The device aggregated data of not just the location but also motion/ fall, acceleration, and humidity, to identify the exact cause of breakage which prevented future occurrences. Due to iTraq’s perfect execution, the supplier company was able to grow their business rapidly by offering new data services to their customers, thereby delivering greater value.

In enabling value-added services to clients, iTraq’s IoT platform plays a pivotal role. With the help of GPS and factory-installed SIM card, the platform can pinpoint the device location with precision. The platform activates the devices and easily integrates with the customer’s backend systems like CRM or ERP. It also houses APIs and widgets that help business owners collect payments from their customers, along with mapping, reporting, and device management capabilities.

In an instance, a bag manufacturer wanted to track post-sales data and leverage it as a marketing instrument. With iTraq’s tracking solution, the manufacturer was able to track how often their bags were traveling with their owners. They used the bundled data to retarget the customers with newer offers through email. The customers, on the other hand, were also empowered with a service where they could easily locate their luggage through the mobile app if it got stolen or misplaced.

iTraq is continuously monitoring the market and striving to build cutting-edge solutions to serve more customers. Moving forward, the company plans to use advanced technologies (NB-IoT and LTE Cat M) for their IoT devices to transmit data while consuming lesser battery than before.


Redmond, WA

Roman Isakov, Co-Founder & CEO

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