Ivy Mobility: In-store Visibility: An Essential Ingredient for Sales Success

Rajiv Prabhakar, Founder and Head of Global Sales and Marketing, Princeton, NJ
With the proliferation of smartphones, iPads, and applications in recent years, retailers and Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG) enterprises are adopting mobility solutions, from in-store to their supply chain to keep a track of orders, inventory, transactions, audit, availability and visibility of products at the store. Starting Ivy as an enterprise mobility company, Rajiv Prabhakar, Founder and Head of Global Sales and Marketing, Ivy Mobility, recognized that CPG will be the smartest vertical to play in, as digital technologies are irrevocably altering the way people shop. As consumers increasingly seek mobility solutions, “Ivy Mobility effectively geared up to offer a highly-proven approach that rapidly integrates mobilization into customer’s existing back-end systems, irrespective of the platform or the mobile device in use,” states Rajiv.

As CPG manufacturers have moved further into emerging markets over the years with significantly higher growth trajectories, several challenges have come up. For instance, consumer goods companies such as Procter & Gamble, Nestle, GSK Consumer and more, have thousands of distributors around the world to serve consumers with branded products. As these distributors go on a route and visit numerous outlets to conduct processes like booking orders, payment collections, and sales returns, they often lack visibility to follow up the coverage and sales made by the sales personnel and reconcile all the orders in the retail outlets. Moreover, they experience a larger complexity of ensuring the correct Stock Keeping Unit (SKU), which gives a clear picture of on the shelf and sold out stocks. “Covering all the aspects of distribution with a modernized approach, Ivy offers a new age of Distributor Management System—IvyDistributor and mobile solutions that enable a distributor to analyze the brands, routes, shelf space management and sales process,” comments Rajiv. With the increased agility to track sales stock and brand distribution, the consumer goods companies were connected to the small mom and pop stores, thereby increasing their sales on an average by 22 percent.

Enabling major business transformation and winning at the shelf by same store sales growth is the key to the future and Ivy has won customer hearts and minds by showcasing the same

The IvyDistributor solution has a cloud portal to create effective route plans, enabling field personnel to locate the store and also plan for the order of visit. Before the completion of the order, the distributor gets updated with the available stock in the shelf. In case of any sales-returns, stocks are tagged as re-saleable or non-saleable items along with the reason for return. All the activity updates of the field during the day are reported in real-time to the merchandiser’s mobile device. Further, these insights help them to perform analytics for a true business impact—increased revenue, in-store visibility, productivity and resource efficiency and come up with better business decisions. Apart from this, the company’s flagship solution—IvyRetail provides an in-depth functionality for merchandising personnel to effectively monitor in-store execution, track promotional activities at an outlet or account level and their returns, analyze the health of brands and account receivables per outlet.

Tracking more than a hundred consumer goods companies worldwide, Ivy is planning to roll out two new innovations–IvyRetail Assist and IvyPay. IvyRetail Assist solution eliminates the need of the sales person, helping customers to place the orders themselves on any consumer goods of any brand, based on the stock depletion in his outlet. Closely tied to this is the IvyPay, which helps retailers to make mobile payments to their distributors and free up the credit limit to buy more stocks.

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Rajiv Prabhakar, Founder and Head of Global Sales and Marketing, Princeton, NJ

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