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Darren Kraabel, SVP & GM, Mission Solutions
Jacobs’ entry into system integration solutions began at the Arnold Engineering Development Complex (AEDC) at Tennessee, a part of the Air Force Test Center. This flight test facility conducts developmental tests and evaluation of aircrafts, missiles, and space systems. The facility was required to perform periodic operational maintenance of its critical industrial infrastructure. When AEDC required expert assistance in maintaining its systems, Jacobs [NYSE:JEC], the driving force behind some of the world’s greatest engineering feats, was employed to provide a solution to optimize the infrastructure and prevent critical failures. “When it comes to providing defense technology solutions, Jacobs is more of a systems integrator than a traditional original equipment manufacturer,” Darren Kraabel, Jacobs SVP and GM, Mission Solutions said. Following the success at AEDC, NASA requested Jacobs implement a similar solution in its Langley Research Center facility, regarded by federal governments as a standard for maintenance of industrial complexes.

“Our mission is to deliver customized solutions that address specific problems of clients,” states Darren Kraabel. Being a company that uses its products and solutions internally, Jacobs gains unique perspectives and valuable insights that help it better understand the requirements of clients, enabling it to deliver superior solutions, faster. Jacobs’ strong operational approach assures effective and efficient implementation of complex solutions. Jacobs Connected Enterprise (JCE) connects infrastructures as well as protects and analyzes operational systems and data. It is an integrated suite of capabilities and solutions rather than a single product. “JCE enables digital transformation and spans several core functionalities including the industrial internet of things, network infrastructure, data analytics, cloud solutions, and cybersecurity,” adds Kraabel.

Organizations traditionally have multiple infrastructures in place. For example, the Department of Defense has many facilities and depots across its various military bases.

Our approach has been to recognize the value of a client’s existing infrastructure and figure out a solution to achieve their objectives

Jacobs helps implement a connected infrastructure to achieve mission directives, which include optimizing energy consumption by utility monitoring or deploying a reliability-centered maintenance approach to reduce costs. In addition, the focus on connected infrastructure is to leverage data analytics to provide insights into an organization’s performance. “We engage clients in an ideation session where we explain the viability of achieving current objectives with the data at hand and the possibility of solving problems with different data sets,” states Kraabel.

Jacobs’ integrated connectivity solutions have been well received by its clients. The company’s approach has been to recognize the value of a client’s existing infrastructure and figure out a solution to achieve their objectives. “We are deploying JCE globally; we have leadership teams in place to drive JCE thinking and solution development into every project that we deliver,” remarks Kraabel. At Jacobs, success is not creating a JCE line of business but transforming Jacobs into a digital company where JCE solutions are a part of every project. Last year, Jacobs won a $4.6 billion missile defense contract and a $1 billion dollar special operations IT contract from the Department of Defense. The company owes its victory over the contracts to the JCE approach.

Jacobs partners with businesses to assist analytics, cybersecurity, and industrial control system developers gain insights into new technologies and evaluate its implementation in highly diverse environments. “Jacobs’ diversity is an inherent strength across all our lines of business that has led to our success,” concludes Kraabel.


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Darren Kraabel, SVP & GM, Mission Solutions

A systems integrator that provides customized solutions to enable digital transformation