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Simon Peel, Chief Strategy Officer and CMO
Digital transformation is driving the use of an everincreasing number of cloud applications, with modern solutions being composed of a mix of data and systems that are distributed across cloud and on-premise systems. This drive for digital transformation has caused a sharp increase in the number of application and data integration projects with organizations rapidly exhausting their resources to accomplish these integrations. Jitterbit disrupts the status quo by radically simplifying application and data integration. So much so that even the non-tech staff can ace the integration process.

Simon Peel, Chief Strategy Officer, and CMO at Jitterbit, explains how they support both technical and non-technical personas so that a larger number of people can take part in integration. Harmony, Jitterbit’s API integration platform, plays a central role in streamlining the integration process. Fundamentally, the platform empowers Developers, “ad-hoc” integrators and also Citizen Integrators—a term used by Peel for non-technical employees. Citizen Integrators work on the simpler use cases, while technical users focus on the more challenging tasks. With hundreds of certified API and integration templates that a client can pick off the shelf, Jitterbit enables teams to rapidly integrate data both in the cloud and on-premise. Peel highlights that they provide companies with a single platform that brings connectivity and automation of business processes to the masses, while still enabling technical users to achieve more complex tasks faster than they otherwise could. “Digital transformations will only be successful if people from across the business come together to achieve a common goal.”

To ensure the success of a customer’s engagement, Peel’s team works with the client to understand their existing scenario and identify desired positive business outcomes that are then mapped to the required capabilities of the product. In the next stage, which involves onboarding the client and executing the project, the company uses the requirements drawn in the first stage for defining the process and measuring progress. Every customer is assigned a customer success manager who works closely with the client throughout the projec]t lifecycle.

We see a world, in the nottoo- distant future, where artificial intelligence will be used to automatically integrate entire systems. This will take our value proposition to the next level

Jitterbit differentiates itself from a plethora of integration providers by offering a single platform that can provide different interfaces matched to the user and their technical knowledge. Another factor that sets Jitterbit a class apart is its fervor for providing unparalleled customer service. These core competencies have won Jitterbit multiple awards, and more importantly a 100 percent recommendation from its clients.

Exemplifying the Jitterbit offering is their engagement with the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) whose searchable real-world cancer data is collected and stored by ASCO CancerLinQ. The data is drawn from various sources, such as electronic medical records and laboratory systems, and used to enable quality and personalized cancer care for every patient. ASCO faced the challenge of having the data anonymized and transmitted securely. Jitterbit solved this problem for ASCO by allowing them to transfer millions of patient records per day with over a billion oncology records processed to date. It is estimated that with comprehensive information on just three percent of patients, 100 percent of cancer patients can be provided with the necessary assistance for better health outcomes.

With a keen eye on the future, Peel indicates that Jitterbit will continue to lead and accelerate the pace of development. “We see a world, in the not-too-distant future, where artificial intelligence will be used to automatically integrate entire systems. This will take our value proposition to the next level,” concludes Peel.


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Simon Peel, Chief Strategy Officer and CMO

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