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Annemarie Omrod, a tech connoisseur and CEO of John Galt Solutions—believes that “to build a profit-driven supply chain, it is integral to have an effective demand planning process in place.” Spending decades in serving the supply chain arena and diligently growing the customer base with one client after another, Anne informs that predicting and planning for the future the most arduous issue faced by the manufacturing companies. John Galt Solutions was setup in 1996 with a team of experts who have gone on to design best-of-breed supply chain, inventory, and forecast solutions to help organizations conduct accurate predictions and establish an effective planning process.

Anne derived the company name from the legendary fictional character—John Galt from Ayn Rand’s novel, Atlas Shrugged, who gathers the best minds for a cause. Befitting the name, the firm helps manufacturing companies to build a record of providing affordable, automated forecasting and inventory management solutions for building consumer-driven supply chains.

“We have been in the industry for over two decades now, and our core strength is the power of our demand planning and forecasting,” says Anne. John Galt has developed two product lines including—ForecastX Wizard for Excel—making business forecasting, safety stock analysis and DRP easy and simple. And Atlas Planning Suite, an enterprise supply chain planning software solution designed to streamline and simplify complex S&OP processes.

Both solutions are an easy-to-use forecast accelerator that enables organizations to predict the future of the business, and measure the result to be able to get the complete picture of their inventory, to facilitate their ever evolving consumer demand.

“With the growing consumer demand, manufacturers often require a quick and accurate forecast and cross functional feedback to support their S&OP process globally,” says Anne. Atlas Planning Suite is a strong operational planning system broken into three categories—demand, supply, and capacity. The results are rolled up providing the high level visibility to their Executive S&OP team.

With the growing consumer demand, manufacturers often require a quick and accurate forecast and cross functional feedback to support their S&OP process globally

“We help businesses to predict and plan their future, not only demand planning needs, but also to ensure their products are at the right place and at the right time,” notes Anne. Furthermore, John Galt with its capacity planning module enables planners to view a schedule of resources, understand which items fall within and outside the capacity, and deliver complete visibility of the unconstraint and constraint plans.

John Galt differentiates itself from the rest of the pack with its ability to implement solutions for $50 million or $15 billion firms. Recently a leading provider of packaged ice, Reddy Ice implemented John Galt’s Atlas Planning Suite to support its demand planning process. With Reddy Ice’s growing foot print of packaged ice, their sales and operations planning needed an automated system to capture and compile the available data, produce an accurate statistical forecast, and integrate that into the demand and supply plan. Leveraging the Atlas Planning Suite, Reddy Ice gained the ability to grow their businesses by increasing their profit through inventory and operational cost reductions.

Moving forward, John Galt will continue to meet their customers supply chain planning needs. In addition, “We are always seeking new enhancements; and in turn are hungry to improve our systems and help customers build plans to efficiently improve the bottom line,” extols Anne.

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Annemarie Omrod, CEO

Forecasting and supply chain planning solutions to increase forecast accuracy, enhance collaboration, and optimize inventory in market-driven supply chains

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