Jonas Construction Software: Simple Yet Powerful Mobile Applications

Steve Cowan, President
The emergence of mobile applications and cloud technology is transforming the way organizations deliver field services today. Deploying cloud-based Field Service Management (FSM) enables service mangers to access information in real-time via mobile devices, while enhancing productivity and customer satisfaction as well. “Particularly, in the technology-enabled construction industry, firms are demanding collaborative mobile applications for effective FSM that offers scalability, performance, and real-time information delivery, as well as further enabling customer engagement,” begins Steve Cowan, President, Jonas Construction Software. This is where Canada-based Jonas Construction Software comes in. The company provides fully integrated cloud-based construction software, along with a range of field mobile apps, to give users the ability to access and input key business information anytime, anywhere.

Originally a job cost and accounting platform provider, Jonas today assists construction companies in better management of their projects and helps them generate a higher ROI. “We offer a complete suite of web-based applications to help project managers in the field access all project-related information in real-time,” adds Cowan. “Our software allows managers to keep a track of the entire project management lifecycle—providing details on risk factors and critical customer and equipment information to make real-time decisions.” Along with document management services, the platform also offers geo-fencing facilities to automatically track employee logs and tasks.

Often, in areas with no internet connectivity, it is challenging for technicians in the field to get the information that they need on the job and synchronize it back to the office. “As mobility is greatly gaining momentum in the construction industry, our mobile application, for iOS and Android devices, helps technicians to access the required information and perform project management tasks,” states Cowan.

Designed for general contractors, design builders, or land developers, Jonas Premier Construction Software is a highly intuitive and cloud-based platform that helps companies to enhance the ef-fectiveness of their workers, earn higher revenues, and gain more long-term clients.

We offer a complete suite of web-based applications to help project managers in the field access all project-related information in real-time

Furthermore, Jonas Construction Service Management Software is an integrated accounting and business manage-ment platform for service managers. With its fully integrated functional dispatch scheduler and built-in GPS routing capabilities, all service jobs can be assigned from one location.

Being customer-centric, Jonas aims to partner with big players in the industry, “where we provide 90 percent of what a customer requires with our own platform.” For instance, one of Jonas’s clients, Chiller Systems Service—a provider HVAC repairs, retrofits and maintenance—approached Jonas looking for a software that understands the intricacies of an HVAC business and can provide a complete, all-in-one solution. Chiller’s initial software system was limited in its capabilities and was not going to be able to handle their software requirements. “Our construction software helped the client streamline its service operations, reduce their billing cycle, and increase overall accessibility and visibility,” delineates Cowan. “Their technicians’ work hours and orders were available in real-time on a daily basis, allowing service managers to better schedule tickets, determine work order status, and plan overall service operations more efficiently.”

With the objective of innovating the field service industry, Jonas invests heavily in R&D to improve the efficiency of their existing platforms while developing new solutions based on business intelligence. Moving ahead, “we are planning to further improve our software system so that it can easily integrate with other platforms,” concludes Cowan. “We are also working towards expanding our business in several English speaking countries in the next couple of years.”

Jonas Construction Software

Ontario, Canada

Steve Cowan, President

Providing fully integrated construction management software and mobile apps that assist field workers to enhance their level of customer service