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Jim Merriman, SVP, Custom Venues and Laura Myers, Director of Marketing Areflection of downtown D.C.’s renaissance, Walter E. Washington Convention Center is home to events of every kind. Spread over 2.3 million square feet, the facility hosts everything from international policy conferences and industry conventions to pop culture festivals and presidential inaugural balls. But the award-winning feature of the facility is its breath-taking, 2,000 digital signage displays, the largest digital signage network in the U.S.

Mirroring this signage mastery is Texas Motor Speedway’s iconic Big Hoss TV, one of the world’s largest high-definition video displays. And showcasing the same spirit of craftsmanship with a massive, 4K video board is Churchill Downs, the legendary horse racing track.

The architect behind these grandeurs is Jones Sign, an international sign company, deploying key milestone projects in its journey with an unmatched level of signage expertise since 1910.

“We bring over 100 years of experience to our turnkey signage services, transforming our clients’ vision into reality,” says Jim Merriman, SVP of Custom Venues, Jones Sign.

The Finest Signage Services under One Roof

Jones, operating in over 15 locations throughout North America, specializes in all aspects of cutting-edge signage services, including project management, estimating, design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation of digital signs and architectural elements. The company integrates best-fit signage technologies, such as outdoor and interior touchscreens, LED and LCDs, digital fabric graphics, video walls and projections, and scoreboards with aesthetic architectural and lighting creations to deliver spectacular content.

“We have evolved from electric sequencing of light bulbs to all forms of theatrical lighting, RGB programmable systems, and the outdoor LED video displays,” states Laura Myers, Director of Marketing, Jones Sign.

Jones’ project portfolio includes large-scale single custom projects, rebranding projects, ongoing sign programs, and venue projects. Jones provides a complete branding system for single venues such as casinos, sports stadiums, shopping malls, theme parks, institutions, and markets, and also delivers multisite branding programs, globally.
Jones owes its distinction to an exceptional team of over 600 employees, giving life to venues and campuses with complete systems for signs, facades, and branding elements. Jones’ integrated team possesses in-depth industry know-how in formulating endless variety and creativity in design engineering, manufacturing, in-house installation, maintenance, and collaborative delivery of sign technologies. They assist clients in developing documentation of appropriate technologies to be used and deployed in a project. Jones’ project managers organize and coordinate trades on job sites, including complex urban areas and outdoor environments.

Jones’ design team of CAD drafters is pragmatic in modeling and leveraging software and computer drafting equipment to make 3D renderings and documentation. They also take into consideration design aspects, such as the best location to place the systems, the angle at which signboards have to be installed, the addition of louvers to develop contrast in ambient lighting situations, and the necessity of adding shading to the content. Jones’ designers work hand-in-hand with designers on the shop floor to develop sign systems that technicians can access through catwalks and ladders, eliminating the need for cranes to reduce maintenance costs.

When it comes to maintenance, Jones has a stellar team of IT professionals, infield technicians and subcontractors that are outdoor field warriors, commissioning and maintaining massive video displays. They assess how a piece of equipment can fit into the signage space to be both easily accessible for maintenance and visually pleasing for the audience.

We Bring Over 100 Years Of Experience To Our Turnkey Signage Services, Transforming Our Clients’ Vision Into Reality

An Easy-to-Work with Technology Integrator

Leading a multifaceted team, Jones is proactive in understanding the potential hurdles of clients’ design requirements and solving problems on the fly. As manufacturers, the Jones team has first- hand knowledge of how signage operates and its costs, and gives clients real-time feedback on their budget concerns during the design development phase. Jones provides clients with an all-around custom signage solution through its pre-construction services, target value design and design-assist strategies that meet their objectives. They brainstorm with clients to enhance the deliverables with site reliability engineering practices prior to the fabrication and installation delivery phase.

“We protect our clients’ brand and reputation, providing high-end support and expertise needed for a project from initial concept to final installation,” adds Merriman.

The icing on the cake is the warranty Jones offers for all of its products. Its professional project management experts work with individual sign manufacturers and providers to ensure that clients have a single vendor source for all their needs.
Jones also allows clients to participate in the quality control practice and review the system before it is moved to the job site. This plug-and-play approach of integrating sign systems lowers job site costs and installation. The Jones team draws from a constant customer feedback loop for understanding and improvement of its signage solutions to deliver better technologies for clients.

“We Protect Our Clients’ Brand And Reputation, Providing High-End Support And Expertise Needed For A Project From Initial Concept To Final Installation”

A Legacy Built on Integrity and Team Excellence

Jones’ renowned expertise is instilled in the branding and technological of every project. At the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, for instance, behind all the glitz and glam is the company’s powerful branding strategies pulling off yet another feat, circumventing a host of challenges, including the venue’s low-key branding. With a solution-oriented approach, Jones’ versatile project management experts installed various split screens and cutting-edge sign technologies throughout the facility. They worked off-hours and made the convention center rich, dynamic and self-promoting. This eventually enabled brands to advertise eye-catching event updates, schedules, and video broadcasts to capture the audience in real time and strengthen their identity.

Substantiating Jones’ superior branding services is yet another example where the company engineered, manufactured, and installed more than 3,500 signs for the world-class racing venue, Daytona International Speedway. The mile-long facility has five different entryways, with each injector taken over by different sponsors. The client wanted to prominently display the name of the venue, its sponsors, and teams to uniquely highlight their brand. Adhering to tight project deadlines, the Jones team deployed massive LED displays, touchscreens, interactive digital technologies, wayfinding, and custom specialty signs to deck the facility with beautiful branding and signage. Jones built an iconic 14-foot-tall signage board with the track name, and illuminated elements for its sponsors, in three months with over 70 installers on the job site.

Driven by a commitment to success and growth, Jones is second to none in level of service excellence, extensive project management, product quality, and on-time delivery. In tow with its offsite modular construction of full-build, aesthetic architecture signage elements, its horsepower in handling multi-million-dollar projects continues to pave the way for Jones in its journey of excellence in the signage industry.

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Jim Merriman, SVP, Custom Venues and Laura Myers, Director of Marketing

Jones Sign is an international sign company, deploying key milestone projects in its journey with an unmatched level of signage expertise since 1910. Jones, operating in over 15 locations throughout North America, specializes in all aspects of cutting-edge signage services, including project management, design, engineering, manufacturing and installation of digital sign and architectural elements.

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