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Jordan Scheid, CTO
LMS migration is a challenging process that requires years to execute successfully. The manual workflow demands extensive resources, and thorough quality assessment (QA) is mandatory to correct errors that creep in during migration. It gets increasingly challenging for many schools to decide on the best migration strategy as they have to consider the impact on faculty, students, project timeframes, and resource usage.

The migration to a new LMS is challenging, whether you have a dedicated instructional design staff or outsource your migration workflow.

K16 Solutions is changing this story.

“We have carefully assembled a team of the best academic entrepreneurs to create stateof-the-art software that solves the biggest LMS challenges institutions face,” states Jordan Scheid, CTO of K16 Solutions.

K16 Solutions offers an automated migration service that allows clients to move content from one LMS to another in real-time, capturing details like course structure, quizzes, tests, and question pools. Users can easily pull data from their LMS and push it in bulk to another platform via APIs and other methods instead of depending on common cartridge options that require a long migration time. K16 Solutions’ method of accurately transferring courses to new LMS ensures content maintains its full integrity. The course content is updated, edited, and improved by its highly experienced team.

K16 Solutions helps higher-education institutions migrate to and from Blackboard, Brightspace, Sakai, Moodle, and Canvas. It makes the process seamless, eliminating some of the complexities universities face when moving between LMS providers.

K16 Solutions begins the onboarding process by discussing the client’s requirements and requesting ten to fifteen sample courses to run. K16 will then run those courses and collect feedback from the client to determine if the transformations are meeting their standard and what other iterations the client might like to see. Client input is collected throughout the project to ensure they’re happy with the transformations in the new LMS. Once a client is satisfied with how the content looks in the new LMS, K16 Solutions then performs a bulk run and simultaneously migrates all of its courses.
The competencies of K16 Solutions can be seen in an instance where the college was wrestling with various challenges after using Sakai’s LMS for about ten years. The college initially tried to migrate a few courses from Sakai to Canvas using native tools to determine the feasibility of LMS migration. The data that did move required significant modifications and time. K16 Solutions helped the college solve this challenge by migrating all their data from the old LMS to a new one within the expected timeline using its LMS migration technology.

After a school has migrated to its new LMS using K16 Solutions, the Company then solves the hassle of archiving the non-migrated course content and historical student data at the beginning or during the transition. It leverages its data archiving technology, which extracts student data and puts it into its SaaS platform. In addition to storing the data, it displays and downloads the older versions of the data for the specific institution.

We have carefully assembled a team of the best academic entrepreneurs to create state-of-the-art software that solves the biggest LMS challenges institutions face

Along with data migration and archiving, K16 Solutions provides content replacement services. Its content replacement technology enables automated link replacement and updating, facilitating a rapid transition to a new LMS. Once a manual, resource-intensive process, K16 streamlines content replacement with sophisticated but straightforward automation.

Whether content migration, data preservation, content replacement, or K16 ensures institutions can cut down manual workflow and focus on improving the student experience.

K16 Solution’s ability to offer an automated bulk migration solution with faster and more accurate features and a sophisticated archiving solution with the ability to review and restore course and student records and a scalable content replace solution with the capacity to replace content in bulk across multiple or all courses puts it ahead in the LMS industry. Moving forward, K16 Solutions aims to add more intuitive features under its wings, making it a one-stop solution for additional LMS challenges.

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Jordan Scheid, CTO

K16 Solutions is EdTech's solution for data archiving, content replacement, and content migration. It is revolutionizing online education. It enables universities to preserve student data more economically, replace and update course content more quickly, and migrate from one LMS platform to another more quickly and precisely.

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