Kantata: Unlocking Unique Value for PSOs

Michael Speranza, CEO
Vertical software-as-a-solution (SaaS) is the new-age alternative to traditional horizontal SaaS products as professional services organizations (PSOs) transition to the digital landscape. Generic one-size-fits-all solutions do not offer the agility and scalability PSOs need in the new normal. However, with configurable out-of-the-box capabilities, vertical SaaS solutions can address their unique needs and help increase customer and employee satisfaction and, in turn, revenue and profit. That’s precisely what Kantata offers with its purpose-built vertical SaaS platform, the Kantata Cloud for Professional Services.

Built from the ground up to cater to the complex needs of PSOs, the Kantata Cloud is an end-to-end platform that can effectively tackle their unique challenges. It bridges the gaps ignored by conventional solutions and offers a broader ecosystem of solutions with advanced capabilities in resource, project, and finance management, team collaboration, and business intelligence. It empowers organizations with much-needed clarity by giving them a bird’s eye view of their entire project portfolio in one place. With the Kantata Cloud, PSOs can deploy teams in real-time, effectively respond to changing business realities, and empower employees to make informed decisions.

“We have broken new ground by developing a unique and comprehensive vertical SaaS platform for PSOs of all sizes and specialties. Kantata offers them an end-to-end platform that replaces outdated manual processes and inefficient spreadsheets.” says Michael Speranza, CEO of Kantata.

Kantata’s team of service experts helps organizations seamlessly navigate diverse hurdles, from resource management to team collaboration. Its holistic approach—advisory services to envision a transformation and professional services to execute the change—aids PSOs in every step of their transformation journey. The team works hand in hand with clients to configure and implement a solution that accelerates time to value and drives agility across the organization. Kantata’s professional services help build an operating model and tailor the configuration of existing systems to align with their needs. Throughout the process, Kantata’s success managers assist clients in adapting to changing priorities, simplifying operations, and optimizing resource utilization.
A recent Forrester study, commissioned by Kantata and Salesforce, validates these capabilities through its findings. Ninety percent of professionals who installed a vertical SaaS solution reap substantial benefits with growing capabilities in resource allocation, greater transparency into operational processes, and superior customer loyalty with operational efficiencies. Compelling organizations to shift to Kantata, the platform has enabled numerous PSOs to deliver innovative products, competitive services, and high-quality client experiences.

The Kantata Cloud offers integrations with all leading CRM and ERP platforms within an organization. Going above and beyond, the platform also integrates with other systems, including HRIS, to enable functions like skills management.

Built from the ground up to cater to the complex needs of PSOs, the Kantata Cloud is an end-to-end platform that can effectively tackle their unique challenges

A recent client success story best reflects how Kantata improves efficiency. One of its clients, Logicalis, a global IT solutions provider, needed a tool that could take their resource management data out of spreadsheets and automate the whole process. With the Kantata Cloud, Logicalis could streamline the entire resource management process from beginning to end, eliminating spreadsheets. The platform optimized the resource management process for Logicalis, from proposals, staffing, and time tracking to billing, invoicing, and reporting. The ability to streamline billable functions and invoicing kept the client well-informed and improved the accuracy of revenue forecasting and recognition, strengthening their overall customer engagement experience and financial health.

The Kantata Cloud paves the way for a new era of vertical technology solutions that adapt to PSOs’ rapidly evolving challenges. By leveraging the Kantata Cloud, organizations gain the clarity, control, and confidence they require at every step of their transformation journey.


Irvine, CA

Michael Speranza, CEO

The Kantata Cloud helps businesses tackle their unique challenges by offering an end-to-end platform. The Kantata Cloud bridges the gap that conventional solutions ignore and offer a broader ecosystem of solutions, offering advanced capabilities in resource management, project management, finance management, team collaboration, and business intelligence.