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Oakkar Oakkar, CEO
With 5-8 screens open, the typical healthcare call center agent bounces back and forth between multiple disconnected systems while the patient is talking on the phone. The agent is expected to connect the dots between the telephone app, scheduling software, nurse triage software, or look up values in the patient’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) in real time. At times, they re-enter the same information multiple times, or scramble to search information in portals or files to find names, hours, or paging information. What the healthcare call center of tomorrow needs is an open platform that brings all these functions into a single workflow tool. Keona Health hits the bull’s eye. The company’s unified enterprise platform, Health Desk, integrates the doctor’s EHR and scheduling software with the call center telephone and paging software to bring the data right to the agent’s fingertips. “Reduce the effort of staff and patients, and you will have happier staff and more loyal patients,” explains Oakkar Oakkar, CEO, Keona Health.

Keona Health is dedicated to solving the convolution of today’s complicated medical protocols and workflow within a simple interface that is quick and easy for clinical or non-clinical staff, as well as patients. “We’ve designed Health Desk to be a flexible platform from the ground up. This means that we integrate with a lot of software,” says Oakkar. Keona’s flagship triage and contact center software, Health Desk, integrates with each contact center’s phone, CRM, EHR, and practice management systems to provide the agent or nurse with a single, easy to use interface, saving minutes of every call. Health Desk also lets contact centers define and manage scripts, paging instructions, and protocols per contract. The system loads these automatically during a call, eliminating the need for contract-specific content across portals and file systems. “Our unified enterprise platform shortens handle times, enhancing the patient and agent experience. It gives managers the reporting and analytics tools they need to improve their operations.” Agents can easily get all needed patient details through the patient search, which pulls all data from various databases.

Reduce the effort of staff and patients, and you will have happier staff and more loyal patients

Once the caller is identified, Health Desk displays his entire record and history. The agent selects the patient’s condition, the solution analyzes patient answers to questions and suggests appropriate care advice including medications and treatment options. “By streamlining agent and nurse time, we reduce the costs per patient,” adds Oakkar.

A testament to Health Desk’s proficiency is Chesapeake Urology. The urology practice faced several problems with maintaining the quality of their call center services. Documenting each call took a lot of time and callers received inconsistent responses when they called. Through Health Desk, Chesapeake was able to standardize their workflows and queues in a way that fit their unique structure. Keona Health imported nearly 40 custom scripts and protocols into Health Desk making patient search, documentation, scripts, and guidelines quickly accessible within an adaptive, one-page interface. “With our software each call was scripted and less stressful leading to an increase of 25 percent in calls handled per hour by new hires. The number of calls forwarded to doctors decreased,” says Oakkar.

Keona is dedicated to making care more personal, accurate, and easy. To achieve new milestones in this sector, Keona Health is looking forward to implementing live chat and video integration for telemedicine. “We will be tying together cutting edge proactive services into a system that already supports intelligent queueing, workflow management, online access, across a distributed workforce,” concludes Oakkar.

Keona Health

Chapel Hill, NC

Oakkar Oakkar, CEO

Offers a unified enterprise platform for healthcare call centers that shortens handle times and enhances the patient and agent experience

Keona Health