Kingsmen Software: Accelerating Software Delivery with DevOps

Bill Clerici, Managing Partner, Technical Delivery
“DevOps has been the foundation for everything that we have built as a company, and we look at it as our value system,” begins Bill Clerici, a Managing Partner, Technical Delivery of Kingsmen Software. Founded in 2013, the company develops high-quality software and assists its clients to do the same with expert DevOps support. When Kingsmen Software was established, organizations were struggling to manage DevOps in-house. Kingsmen assisted these firms by providing the desired DevOps platform support and by considering their requirements through their Software Delivery as a Service (SDaaS). “Our customers started to ask us to show them how we do DevOps because their organizations couldn’t, and that’s how we started,” continues Clerici. The company differentiates itself with a fast and collaborative approach to software development.

Most of the clients that Kingsmen Software works with have development teams. But these big enterprises are often held back by internal processes, mechanisms, and governance. These firms might recognize the need for business accelerating software, but because of large governing structures, they are unable to move quickly to address this need. Over time, stagnation and difficulties can arise faster than the company can move. New products and services that could create value get pushed back or abandoned altogether. Kingsmen Software addresses these challenges with custom solutions. The Kingsmen team collaborates with the client to determine their software needs. The company analyzes everything with regards to the clients’ challenges, goals, and desired outcomes of the software build. If the client wants to bring in several engineers to work in-house on their own solution, Kingsmen will host them on-premise. The team creates a feature map for each client, based on where they are today and where they want to be in the future. “A lot of companies come in, and talk first about tooling, but we really want to know the bigger picture so that we can work with them in an agile manner,” adds Clerici.

DevOps has been the foundation for everything that we have built as a company, and we look at it as our value system

Kingsmen Software has had success developing new software solutions for clients, but has also helped clients to clarify their existing processes. Citing a case study, Clerici talks about a client who had no build automation and no way to manage their infrastructure. They had problems in managing applications in their repositories, and a multiple branching strategy, costing them time and money. Kingsmen helped them better understand their processes: how they were pulling the code, how they compiled it, and how code was moved between different environments. After helping them to understand and document their processes, Kingsmen enabled the client to structure their code so that processes could be automated. The result was a streamlined DevOps underpinning that saved the client time and money while improving their overall infrastructure.

Kingsmen Software has grown at a rapid pace in a short span. Having made great strides in the area of DevOps, the company is now expanding on the products side. “We are introducing several products while keeping our focus on our existing offerings,” adds Clerici. The company is using the same processes and capabilities that it developed from the DevOps perspective. It plans to bring a new product to the market in the coming year and also add a new location to its geographical footprint to manage the operations of this new business segment.

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Bill Clerici, Managing Partner, Technical Delivery

Leverages DevOps best practices and culture as the platform and starting point for all client software development

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