Kingston Technology: Enhancing Cyber Security Outside Firewalls

Richard Kanadjian, Technology, and Business Manager
Businesses have long depended on firewalls for protecting their private networks and confidential data, but the Covid-19 pandemic instigated unprecedented security concerns. As the work-from-home culture proliferated, homes became an extension of the workplace. Critical data which used to be available only on office premises is now also available at employees’ homes. Hence, securing data outside the firewall is of paramount importance. Since data breaches have the potential to permanently dent their reputation, enterprises need to steer their focus towards new-age data encryption solutions. Additionally, in some cases, businesses now also must comply with strict data handling regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA, to name a few. Kingston Technology, one of the world’s leading third-party memory manufacturers, facilitates the secure transit and storage of data with its groundbreaking encrypted USB drive technology.

Kingston is a prominent figure in the IT industry and has been a market leader in developing encrypted USB drives for over fifteen years since it launched its encrypted DataTraveler USB flash drives. Today, it offers a wide range of encrypted storage options, such as solid-state drives (SSD) supporting TCG Opal along with encrypted USB flash drives—all compliant with major data protection laws and regulations. In 2016, the company acquired IronKey, the legendary high-security USB drive manufacturer, and integrated IronKey’s product line into Kingston. This acquisition provided customers with a more comprehensive portfolio of encrypted devices. Kingston’s product line offers solutions for various security grades, starting from consumer-grade security to enterprise, government, and military grades, with support for 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) in XTS mode and tamper-evident or resistant drives. The products are manufactured and tested to meet the regulatory compliances of several industries such as Finance, Government, and Healthcare.

Frequently, in the medical field, doctors and other medical workers may take patient data and sensitive information to their homes for analysis. Using a storage device like an unencrypted USB drive to carry sensitive data is essentially a violation of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) handling by not ensuring the data is fully encrypted during transit. Also, healthcare professionals exchange patients’ medical records among themselves during treatment, which could lead to potential PII data exposure. Similarly, in the financial space, the protection of company and customer information is highly critical. For instance, a finance employee may work on important spreadsheets at home; if such data is stored in unprotected devices, crucial financial information could be exposed. Data security becomes even more critical for government employees who carry confidential data frequently, mishandling of which could be extremely grave and consequential. In all these scenarios, an encrypted USB device is the most secure solution.

Our customer care personnel are just a phone call or email away. Clients don’t have to navigate through a myriad of emails or employees to connect to the required department. Kingston has always been customer-centric and that has been a differentiating factor from the very beginning

Kingston’s encrypted drives are utilized by numerous hospitals, insurers, banks, brokerage firms, government agencies, and the military – all of which know the importance of securing information at all times, whether the data is at rest or in transit. These devices are protected, portable, and remotely accessible—maintaining confidentiality, facilitating secured transit, and ensuring personnel safety. The company is sought after across the globe, courtesy of its innovative data protection products and long-standing reputation.

Engineering expertise, excellent customer service, and product reliability have contributed to the vital trust between Kingston and its customers. Explaining the reason behind Kingston’s loyal clientele, Richard Kanadjian, Business Manager for Encrypted USB drives, says, “Kingston has earned the trust of its customers over the last 29+ years. We have data protection experience, a global distribution channel, and we are well respected in the industry for that.” Many of Kingston’s clients have long-term relationships with the company and value the customer service and experience they receive. Craig Tilmont, Director of Marketing, adds, “Our customer care personnel are just a phone call or email away. Clients don’t have to navigate through a myriad of emails or wait for employees to connect them to the required department. Kingston has always been customer-centric and that has been a differentiating factor from the very beginning.”

Innovation has always been the cornerstone of Kingston Technology, and the company strategizes to continue integrating more of IronKey heritage into its product line. By 2022, it will offer FIPS 140-3 level 3 drives, which will produce the highest level of security in USB drives. As industries progress, the post-Covid world will witness a hybrid working model, giving rise to even higher levels of risks as more data will be in transit outside network firewalls. Kingston Technology aims to facilitate such transformation and enable its clients to maximize their operational capabilities without compromising security measures.

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Fountain Valley, CA

Richard Kanadjian, Technology, and Business Manager and Craig Tilmont, Director of Marketing

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