Kno2: Revolutionizing Healthcare via Interoperability

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Jon Elwell, CEO
As the healthcare industry moves toward digital-first, interoperability is the buzzword that provides highest-quality of communication, efficient exchange of information, and improved patient care. Despite knowing the benefits of interoperability, the majority of the healthcare organizations are hesitant to take a leap into the digital world. The preferred method to transfer information in the healthcare industry even today essentially remains through facsimile devices. The high reliance on the fax machine has made it hard for healthcare providers to let go of a technology they’ve got comfortable with. It has also increased the administrative burden and security concerns in managing the enormous amount of faxed documents. To make healthcare organizations embrace the shift, the need is for a powerful yet simple tool akin to a fax machine that allows them to exchange information more seamlessly and securely.

Bringing forth a revolution in the healthcare industry with its innovative systems is Kno2®. A prominent healthcare solutions provider, Kno2 brings to the table state-of-the-art Interoperability as a Service™ (IaaS) that allows healthcare providers to connect to multiple methods of exchange in a single integrated platform. With Kno2’s IaaS, providers can share information through cloud faxing, direct secure messaging, patient query, referral networks and HIE connectivity. “Our core mission is to eliminate antiquated fax machines from the healthcare realm and deliver a unique opportunity to minimize cost, increase productivity, and improves the patient experience,” says Jon Elwell, CEO of Kno2.

Most of the organizations typically consider interoperability as a complex subject, hard to implement, expensive, and largely inaccessible. Kno2 effectively overcomes this hurdle by providing immediate access through their subscription and cloud-based platform to all national and major health information networks. With Kno2’s IaaS, providers and their staff can upload medical data and documentation right into their system in a matter of seconds. The information is then packaged up in Kno2 and submitted across one or more of the integrated health information networks based upon the preference of the receiving provider.

In order to deliver better visibility, clarity, and guidance to an organization’s path to interoperability, Kno2’s IaaS is integrated with tools and analytics that help facilities to view the progress towards interoperable exchange and away from fax.

Our core mission is to eliminate antiquated fax machines from the healthcare realm and deliver a unique opportunity to minimize cost, increase productivity, and improve the patient experience

As part of their service, Kno2’s platform also allows organizations to optimize the key daily workflows while reducing inefficiencies.

While HIPAA compliance remains a top priority in the medical arena, Kno2 assures high-level of data security by protecting and encrypting all patient and provider information within HIPAA-compliant data centers provided by Microsoft and adhering to the rules of engagement on each of the networks to which they are connected.

Elwell narrates how Kno2 was the solution of choice for Vision Source, a large network of private practice optometrists, to deliver interoperability in vision care. When Vision Source decided to help patients at risk with diabetes, their in-depth search for healthcare technology came to an end with Kno2. Kno2’s IaaS offering helped them establish thriving collaborative relationships with health systems, health plans, and physician groups. With Kno2 technology, Vision Source’s practices became the recipients of electronic referrals of patients that needed access to high-quality eyecare. Vision Source’s move to electronic referrals and reporting facilitated enhanced and consistent workflows with increased productivity.

The future holds even brighter prospects for Kno2 as the company intends to enhance their analytics and social networks to empower providers with better forms of information exchange. There are also plans to strengthen their referral networks to add value to their subscriber base.


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Jon Elwell, CEO

Kno2’s Interoperability as a Service turns on connectivity to millions of healthcare providers and the capability to send, receive, find, and use patient information with everyone