Komet Sales: Powering Businesses to Shorten Supply Chain

Alejandro Perez, CEO
Technology trends such as cloud, mobility, and e-commerce are redefining businesses across verticals. Today, its visible impacts are also causing transformative shifts in the floral industry. Growers, importers, wholesalers, and retailers within this segment are widely leveraging technology to shorten the supply chain, and increase efficiency in operations and business. “However, many companies owing to their lack of knowledge on relevant tools and solutions that streamline sales and facilitate business processes still tend to rely on traditional methods,” says Alejandro Perez, CEO, Komet Sales. “The need for the hour is a modern web-based application that helps companies in the floral industry to seamlessly carry out their business operations.” With a firm grasp of the way businesses function in this arena, Perez quickly recognized the loopholes, spurring the conception of Komet Sales.

Komet Sales empowers floral companies to keep pace with the industry changes by offering a reliable and scalable, web-based platform that replaces the “old school mentality” of depending on manual-based paper work. “With Komet Sales, companies can efficiently perform their day-to-day business activities—from sales to inventory management to order delivery,” adds Perez. Komet Sales simplifies the complex supply chain practices by bringing vendors, importers, wholesalers, and retailers together within a single platform. “Our platform opens up a whole new way of doing business by effectively connecting the channels between floral growers, importers, wholesalers and retailers”, says Perez. It also facilitates sales personnel to place future orders and set up standing orders, as well as allowing buyers to purchase from different vendors around the world.

The vendors can log into a vendor portal to confirm orders and print shipping labels and unique barcodes.Subsequently, they can ship the products to multiple warehouses, depending on customers’ locations. “Further, Komet Sales’ automation-driven platform allows sales teams to track and review the products that are received,” says Perez.

With Komet Sales, organizations can perform their day-to-day business activities efficiently—from sales to inventory management to order delivery

“We can manage huge amounts of products—up to 30,000 boxes of flowers—and enable customers to buy online through mobile applications.”

For wholesale customers, Komet Sales provides the ‘cash and carry’ option to help their customers directly make product purchases. Besides from shortening the supply chain, the company fosters B2B integration by facilitating an easy flow of transactions between different organizations running on the Komet Sales platform.

The culture within the company is completely customer service focused. By taking advantage of some of the industry’s top technologies like Salesforce CRM and Amazon Web Services (AWS), Komet Sales is able to provide top-of-the-line customer service as well as maintaining the system up to date based on the latest industry requirements. “We have different financial, sales, customer service, and product development dashboards that provide us the accurate information to serve our clients efficiently,” explains Perez.

Unlike its competitors, the company’s proactive customer service helps them remain in constant touch to positively impact users'experience. “From a personal perspective, it is extremely gratifying to make a difference on the everyday lives of customers who use our system,” says Perez. Komet Sales continues to innovate and is looking to expand its offerings and explore new markets in the floral industry.

Komet Sales

Miami, FL

Alejandro Perez, CEO

Provider of secure, web-based, software as a service floral sales platform

Komet Sales