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Martin Laster, President Businesses of all sizes and spanning various industries have long faced the need to protect their enterprises internally and externally, not only in an effort to safeguard company assets and real estate but also to keep the work environment safe for employees. Implementing a commercial security strategy is one method to accomplish this lofty task while providing peace of mind to owners and personnel while on and off the job. In recent years, the environment has shifted, with a greater number of outside threats becoming a reality for businesses and governments. In certain regions of the United States, the combination of illegal immigration, unstable borders, and potential terrorist attacks create a vulnerability that must ultimately be protected through intuitive, innovative commercial security and surveillance. A leading information technology company has set out to give enterprise customers and government agencies the ability to do just that.

"Our surveillance solutions are focused on ease of use and seamless integration, not just to protect the business but to maintain the value of their investment as well"

LABUSA, a global firm focused on security infrastructure solutions, has been giving business the power to take control over their commercial technology and security needs since its start in 1998. Martin Laster, President of LABUSA, explains the company’s motivation in business, stating, “We have evolved into an organization that leverages technology and security to solve business challenges and prevent problems.” Over the last few years, LABUSA has recognized the shifting environment of the video surveillance market and the growth of new companies trying to position themselves as leaders in the space. Laster states, “Unlike other providers, our company’s surveillance solutions are focused on ease of use and integration, not just to protect the business, but to maintain the value of their investment as well.

A Focus on Integrated Solutions

Organizations understand the need to protect their business and human assets at all times, but making the decision to upgrade to newer, potentially better security and surveillance equipment and technology isn’t a simple task. It requires capital, time and effort, training, and knowledge of what’s available. Similarly, having the right video surveillance and information technology that works with legacy systems through seamless integration is a hurdle for business owners and leaders when considering the need to upgrade commercial security. LABUSA answers this challenge by providing surveillance solutions that easily integrate with other safety and security devices, making the transition or upgrade a seamless process. Laster explains, “With other firms, the provider isn’t aware or does not have access to custom software to make integrations work. In some cases, a shift to new technology requires a change to proprietary equipment, meaning customers cannot leverage any of their existing devices.” Taking this path toward change often leaves companies without a solid solution to face security threats head on.

We offer clients the ability to expand capabilities and reduce risk by leveraging cloud technology or combining cloud systems with existing on-premise technology infrastructure

To combat this challenge, LABUSA has developed software programming and innovative techniques which enable seamless integration between many commercially available video surveillance systems and safety and security devices. Laster believes that the company’s combination of skilled information technology experience and electronic security technology gives it an edge in the marketplace.

One of the methods used by LABUSA to help its customers is through the leverage of legacy environments that utilize analog video camera systems. Laster explains, “The future of video surveillance is IP-based cameras, but a large number of customers still rely on analog camera systems. This creates a challenge when the business decides it needs updated integrated security capabilities.” Instead of forcing enterprise customers to replace existing systems fully, LABUSA has the software and technology capability that leverage IP-based cameras alongside analog video systems. In providing a solution that integrates with legacy systems, LABUSA helps companies save on an otherwise costly infrastructure or equipment upgrade.

A New Wave of Security Technology

Above and beyond video surveillance solutions, LABUSA also offers a plethora of products and services for businesses wishing to beef up their security technology. The company offers the LABUSA Integrated Security Surveillance, or ISS platform, which enables monitoring and management of video and other security devices through an organization. The innovative platform helps provide a solution for complex business and security challenges, like those facing high-security threats. For example, a government utilizing the system has the tools necessary to integrate video surveillance across multiple devices, manage access control and intrusion detection, provide network firewall solutions, and monitor hazardous material devices. Through ISS, a high-need organization can receive a variety of event alerts, even when the security monitoring company is off-premise. This greatly enhances the security ability of companies as they are able to respond and monitor quickly and specific to each threat.

In addition to the ISS platform, LABUSA also works as a cloud infrastructure provider to its clients. Laster says, “We offer clients the ability to expand capabilities and reduce risk by leveraging cloud technology or combining cloud systems with existing on-premise technology infrastructure. For example, in an intrusion security event, our solutions can enable routine, off-site backups or event-driven data dumps to cloud systems should IT equipment be compromised.” Tapping into the power of new technology and cloud-based applications gives LABUSA clients access to unparalleled security features and truly valuable functionality.

LABUSA has had the opportunity to work with several organizations to meet their evolving security technology needs. Recently, a large government client came to LABUSA in need of assistance integrating video surveillance with an advanced access control system. The client required a three-factor access control system, utilizing a smart card, a PIN, and retinal scanning. Additionally, live visual verification was necessary for the system to operate effectively, but with a security monitoring officer located in a remote office. LABUSA was able to enable the integration with little upgrade requirements, using the existing infrastructure and equipment the client already had in place. In doing so, the government client was able to realize significant cost savings while simultaneously improving its security technology. LABUSA has afforded the same benefits to clients throughout the world, including large hotel chains, business enterprises, and state and federal government agencies.

Innovation for the Future

With offices in Chicago, Houston, Europe and West Africa, working with clients to achieve fruitful outcomes is what gives LABUSA its ability to remain at the forefront of security and video surveillance technology markets around the world. In the upcoming months, Laster and his team are confident LABUSA will continue its positioning in the market. He states, “In 2004, LABUSA developed an innovative digital video record that was more reliable and less expensive than video tape-based security surveillance systems. We became a provider of DVR surveillance systems for one of the world’s large hotel chains, saving them money in the replacement of systems at their locations.” That kind of innovation still permeates throughout LABUSA today. Laster states, “Now, we are focused on a wide range of security surveillance initiatives, including working on cost-effective and innovative ways to monitor large outdoor facilities.” In the past year, LABUSA completed an advanced video surveillance solution project for this specific purpose to benefit the U.S. Fishing and Wildlife organization, addressing the challenges of detecting people and objects in otherwise impossible outdoor conditions. Similarly, the company has helped the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration offices to integrate updated security technology on-premise, allowing for video analytic solutions that provide the capture and indexing of information. The company plans to continue its reach into the security technology field by helping organizations with critical security needs meet their obligations to protect their businesses and personnel.

Laster feels strongly that the success of LABUSA can be directly correlated to the team the company has built and cultivated since its start nearly 20 years ago. He states, “First and foremost, our team members stay engaged in the evolving challenges and specific security concerns that our clients face each day. The team is made up of individuals who I would characterize as natural-born problem solvers.” At LABUSA, there is a strong culture of innovation, with employees and leadership consistently working on solutions for today’s security technology problems. Whether it is a technical issue or economic barrier that keeps businesses from updating their systems, LABUSA works to create solutions that achieve optimal solutions without requiring a significant investment.


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