LBMC Information Security: Fortifying Your Data with Real-Time Monitoring and Dedicated Professionals

Thomas Lewis, CEO
The loss of sensitive information due to unauthorized access to databases through malicious software or loopholes in a network is of grave concern for enterprises. Yet, the typical antivirus and firewall software deployed for the protection of an IT infrastructure is not enough to prevent these breaches.

“There is no silver bullet to ensure 100 percent security. It is all about balancing business risks,” says Thomas Lewis, CEO of LBMC Information Security.

Lewis says the tendency among organizations to focus nearly all resources towards prevention of a breach overlooks other critical elements that LBMC Information Security, a cybersecurity and risk management company, has found to be effective in an overall effort to protect sensitive data.

“Solid detection mechanisms combined with the expertise to respond and contain incidents will ensure the maximum protection from business risks and a greater ROI for an organization’s security investments,” Lewis explains.

LBMC’s managed intrusion detection and prevention service provides unmatched monitoring capabilities and real-time threat intelligence. The service provides round-the-clock monitoring for instant detection, and reports on both malicious and anomalous network activity. In detection mode, the solution performs a thorough analysis of network traffic. It detects threats and alerts the client with a detailed report on the event. In prevention mode, the service identifies suspicious activity instantaneously, and acts immediately to block the undesirable traffic.

In addition to working with clients to provide cutting edge intrusion detection and prevention solutions, LBMC Information Security provides security information and event management (SIEM), vulnerability management services, technical security assessments, compliance services, and security consulting services.

LBMC Information Security’s technical security assessment services include penetration and web application testing for its clients to secure sensitive data and systems.

Solid detection mechanisms combined with the expertise to respond and contain incidents will ensure the maximum protection from business risks and a greater ROI for an organization’s security investments

This often begins by simulating a real world attack from a hacker’s perspective. By working from the point of view of a hacker, LBMC Information Security identifies vulnerabilities that could cause future harm.

LBMC’s most recent innovation is a powerful SaaS risk assessment and management tool named BALLAST. “The BALLAST solution is very simple and straightforward from the user perspective but under the hood a very powerful and comprehensive solution. The intelligence that BALLAST brings to a client provides management with a clear direction on security risk priorities,” Lewis says.

Jason Taule, Chief Security and Chief Privacy Officer at FEI Systems, and a longtime LBMC client, says that like many of his peers, his company prefers partners who can address a broad range of issues and relate those to the business needs. “Fortunately LBMC’s catalog of services is well conceived and over the years I’ve engaged LBMC in many areas, including penetration testing, social engineering exploits for awareness purposes, network security design and validation, systems certification and accreditation artifact development (e.g., risk assessments, system security plans), our annual enterprise FISMA Security Controls Assessment, SOC Evaluations, and as our HIPAA/HITRUST Common Security Framework assessor. I simply cannot give you a more unqualified endorsement of them as a professional services firm in whom you can place the full measure of your confidence and trust.”

LBMC Information Security

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Thomas Lewis, CEO

LBMC Information Security provides risk management and security solutions with the purpose of ensuring compliance and protecting IT assets

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