Lighthouse Technologies:On-Shore Full-Lifecycle Quality Assurance and Software Testing Services

Jeff Van Fleet, President & CEO
Enterprises utilizing offshore vendors often experience poor work quality, hampered productivity, serious security concerns, and software copyright issues—which, in turn, affects end-product quality. To avoid these hidden costs, customers today are moving from these high-risk providers to high-quality onshore vendors like Lighthouse Technologies, Inc.—who have closed the wage gap with their offshore counterparts. “We provide a cost-effective onshore alternative to offshore QA and testing services,” be¬gins Jeff Van Fleet, President and CEO of Lighthouse. The Dayton, Ohio-based firm offers proprietary, metrics-driven, predictive software testing, full-lifecycle quality assurance, and Oracle EBS consulting solutions.

“Our onshore Rural Software Testing service is a proprietary sourcing model that enables us to field a team of industry-certified software testing professionals located in the U.S—at the same or lower total cost than one would pay offshore,” says Jeff. Enabled by an ability to retool laid-off American workers and train them to become software testers, Lighthouse provides the cost-effective and high-quality software testing services that offshore providers so often promise and so rarely deliver.

During a recent engagement, Lighthouse found itself working with a London-based company, who had used an offshore provider to develop and test a brand-new software system. “The project was running two years late, so they approached our team to identify the defects at an early stage and hasten the delivery of the product,” Jeff recounts. Using their proprietary algorithms to predict the number of expected defects, Lighthouse identified the offshore developer’s quality to be the equivalent of a CMMI 1 company—despite their previous claims to be CMMI 5. “We expected to find 200 defects, but ended up finding almost 1000 defects—of which almost 300 were critical,” Jeff recalls. “Defects cost 5 times more to find and fix over each development phase they leak into, so our client would have been dealing with continued delays and significant cost overruns if not for our testing team.”

In addition to software testing as a managed service, the firm also provides clients with testing assessments which deliver insight into areas that they can improve. Laying the foundations of a quality-focused culture, Lighthouse’s expert QA consultants baseline their client’s past performances, identify potential risk factors, and generate a custom Roadmap-to- Resolution plan for process improvement.

We provide a cost-effective onshore alternative to offshore QA and testing services

After the assessment, resolution is typically achieved by implementing Lighthouse’s Quality Assurance (QA) services: a set of best practices in every area of the software development lifecycle, from governance and project management to development and testing. With a portfolio including full-lifecycle quality assurance, vendor quality management, Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V), the aforementioned testing assessments, and IT staffing, Lighthouse’s quality assurance consultants can handle a client’s most varied and vexing needs.

With years of Oracle E-Business Suite (Oracle EBS) experience, Lighthouse is also a leading consultant for Oracle’s flagship ERP system. Thanks to their extensive background in full-lifecycle software quality, Lighthouse has the people, processes, tools, and expertise to ensure that the nerve center of its clients continues to run smoothly. With their deep and broad experience in Oracle EBS, Lighthouse provides functional consulting, support and maintenance outsourcing, and OATS (Oracle Application Testing Suite) test automation services.

Working across all the phases of the software development life cycle (SDLC), Lighthouse implements a culture of quality across the entire breadth of an IT organization. “We continue to invest in our methodology and metrics dashboard so we can better serve our clients,” Jeff explains. In fact, we’ve recently built a plug-in on top of the JIRA platform, which allows us to track product quality, test progress, test efficiency, and test effectiveness. It is these metrics that give us and our clients the transparency to make informed data-driven decisions.”

That commitment to customer satisfaction is paying dividends for the company. As their clients continue to bring more of their work onshore, Lighthouse is beginning to expand their testing training program to Atlanta—enhancing both the company’s footprint as well as their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Lighthouse Technologies

Dayton, OH

Jeff Van Fleet, President & CEO

Provider of metrics-driven, onshore software testing, pro-active vendor quality management and IV&V solutions

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