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Abby Walters, CEO
As SundarPichai strolls on the podium during his keynote speech during Google I/O 2017, he reveals that the tally of monthly active Android devices now exceeds two billion which includes smartphones, tablets, Android Wear devices, and many other mobile gadgets. The rapid proliferation of mobile devices have ensured that the mobile app building revolution has easily surpassed website builders. But developing software for today’s distributed enterprises is not a simple task. Developers must often work with multiple technologies, highly distributed environments and computing networks often built on a hybrid infrastructure combing legacy systems with newer ones. By creating exemplary consumer and enterprise level mobile apps in Android and Apple iOS platforms for the clients, Lightspeed Mobile Labs delivers a one stop shop for an organization’s mobile app requirements.

Lightspeed Mobile Labs assist clients to target users on iOS and Android phones and tablet by helping them in building world class Apps. The firm’s team has diverse skill set which enables allows them to tailor the services to match with the exact needs of their clients. “From a la carte service to end-to-end mobile development services from strategy and app design to prototyping, developing and app marketing, Lightspeed Mobile Labs can fulfill all your needs,” says Charlotte Evans, VP of Engineering, Lightspeed Mobile Labs. The firm creates engaging designs which is matched by the intuitive and innovative user interfaces that those designs are based on. Their expert development and testing/QA caps it all off. Additionally, the firm also oversees the application submission and review process for each individual app store. “We will work closely with your team to set BYOD policy on track or get your business customers’ attraction with a mobile app that fits into their business process and helps them get a competitive advantage,” adds Evans.
Charlotte Evans, VP of Engineering
The firm believes that the performance-intensive mobile application is far more than just an eye-catchy interface, and the real power is hidden under the hood with third-party integrations and business logic computations. Thus, Lightspeed Mobile Labs’ developers disentangle the challenging back-end tasks to make these complexities go unnoticed by an organization’s end-users. The firm’s mobile development professionals take advantage of native and third-party APIs and external web services to fully exploit the native phone capacity and avoid unjustified overheads, resulting from "reinventing the wheel" approach. Lightspeed Mobile Labs offers highly skilled resources at competitive prices with flexibility of anytime ramp up / ramp down based on project needs. “The advantage of working with a firm like Lightspeed Mobile Labs is that you will receive our team’s constant attention. When we work together, you will feel the resources of the entire company at your disposal. We know that your project is very important to you, and you will see that it is important to us as well,” adds Evans.

Furthermore, Lightspeed Mobile Labs’ team has experts from system designers to UI design to objective C, iOS/android internals, Java geeks to mysql, and back end design gurus to performance engineers to testing/QA superstars. “We all get thrilled and reach our own bliss when your App succeeds your expectations for business success,” states Evans. The firm strictly adhere to CMMI and ISO 9001:2000 standards and their information security standards are as per BS 7799. Lightspeed Mobile Labs has engaged with multiple customers worldwide in offering point services as well as for developing end to end Innovative solutions in the areas of Telephony, Home Automation, Enterprise Apps &SmartTV solutions, and looks poised to move towards an ever-successful future.

Lightspeed Mobile Labs

Fremont, CA

Abby Walters, CEO and Charlotte Evans, VP of Engineering

Creating state-of-the-art Consumer and Enterprise level mobile Apps in Android and Apple iOS platforms for global firms