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Altaf Shaikh, Founder and CEO
Companies are moving to and adopting the Salesforce ecosystem at a record pace and in this rapidly growing Salesforce ecosystem that consists of many application and service providers, ListEngage is a multi-cloud, multi-certified award-winning Salesforce Partner with a decade of expertise in all facets of Salesforce; Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud and Pardot. With proven expertise and certifications within all of the Salesforce clouds, ListEngage helps its clients maximize their investment in Salesforce. ListEngage exhibits master craftsmanship in integrating and handling massive amounts of digital data turning them into a treasure trove for its clients. “With a team that has completed a thousand plus successful Salesforce implementations, we have practically written the playbook for simplifying complex customer engagements by helping clients create purposeful omnichannel experiences,” says Altaf Shaikh, CEO, and Founder of ListEngage.

The story of ListEngage began as the story of a group of techno marketers that were trying to make a difference for their customers. They quickly realized that their marketing effort had to connect to all of the other aspects of their business. Companies often don’t readily have the talent or underestimate the skills and expertise needed to successfully execute their digital footprint by connecting the dots in the Salesforce ecosystem. That’s when companies turn to ListEngage. When clients work with ListEngage they enjoy the benefit of working with an organization that brings all the necessary talented, technical and creative minds under one roof that are needed to complete their engagements successfully. The ListEngage team works in unison alongside our client teams to ensure that their engagements are completed on time and within the budgeted price.

For many of the clients that engage us, this is often their first engagement in one of the Salesforce clouds, ListEngage experts have seen many of those similar challenges over the last decade or so, have solved those problems for other organizations trying to tackle them in the Salesforce ecosystem. “Companies struggle to balance long-term vision with short-term growth. Customers want best practices, and industry tested solutions, they want to communicate with their customers at the right time, with the right message via the right channel and by working with experts from ListEngage that do this day in and day out, clients can avoid those pitfalls and costly mistakes and get to market faster and significantly increase their digital footprint and ROI,” says Shaikh.

Data is at the heart of everything and ListEngage employs a methodical and strategic approach when it comes to unifying data from multiple sources and integrating multiple systems keeping best practices and industry standards in mind. Our experts have the ability to normalize data from disparate sources, third-party apps and data warehouses. ListEngage works with organizations large and small to collect and manage data in a centralized place.

With a team that has completed a thousand plus successful Salesforce implementations, ListEngage has practically written the playbook for simplifying complex customer engagements by helping clients create purposeful omnichannel experiences

Our experts then normalize the data, establish an identity and golden record for the individual subscriber and ensure that this identity is persistent and portable across the Salesforce ecosystem and the third-party systems that Salesforce connects to. This golden consumer record could include contact details, purchase history, browsing history, abandonment behavior and more. ListEngage then deploys highly skilled creative experts that design fully mobile responsive emails, mobile messages and landing pages to ensure the timely deployment of email, mobile and social messages to their consumer. This is no easy task but is the only way to stay in lockstep and in sync with the consumer’s behavior and expectation.

ListEngage is a full-service Salesforce agency specializing in innovative multichannel solutions for Salesforce’s Cloud Suite. ListEngage makes it possible to help you choose and maximize the right Salesforce offering. In addition to this, on behalf of our clients, the experts at ListEngage continually stay on top of all of the features, functionality and the latest innovations at Salesforce to ensure that clients continue to get the most from their Salesforce investment.

To keep up with client demand, ListEngage has increased its resources in North America, Europe, and Asia as it continually executes on a strategy to increase its global presence. In parallel, ListEngage is aiming to move into different vertical Salesforce cloud offerings. “We are focusing on adding value with each individual Salesforce Cloud in an effort to guarantee holistic growth for our customers. It is the critical combination of a good platform and great service that ensures success, leads to a total solution that works and scales over time for our clients,” affirms Shaikh.


Framingham, MA

Altaf Shaikh, Founder and CEO

Since 2003, ListEngage has worked on all sorts of projects. From the routine and conventional to the complex and the headscratchers, we've found solutions for businesses in a variety of industries and sizes. ListEngage serves several industries, including retail, manufacturing, general business, higher education, healthcare & life sciences, and many others. The company has a proven track record of helping big brands score big wins with Salesforce implementations and projects. The certified marketers, techies, and designers are some of the best who will help the clients to find creative solutions.