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Scott Fletcher, CEO
As borders disappear in an age of globalization and online fulfillment, manufacturers and retailers are striving to expand their operations. For businesses, however, keeping up with an increasingly global supply chain can result in issues like shipping delays, counterfeiting, product recalls, and theft, which can disrupt day-to-day work and take a bite out of bottom lines.

In response to these challenges, companies are turning to track-and-trace solutions to ensure the reliable delivery of components and materials to customers. LocatorX, an Atlanta based startup, provides powerful, flexible and cost-effective tracking technology to companies across a variety of industries to keep their supply chains moving seamlessly. LocatorX's technology enables organizations to track and find their assets, while monitoring their status and movement throughout their service life. The company’s services include tracking, counterfeit protection, and consumer engagement throughout the entire product lifecycle.

With LocatorX, businesses can gain total visibility into any product – be it a luxury good, a pack of chewing gum, a carton of milk, produce, or military equipment. From production to the consumer and beyond, the firm helps its clients monitor their product's journey, location, exceptions, routing, and more.

Consequently, after carefully considering their innovative solutions, business/pricing models and customer base, CIO Review magazine has identified LocatorX as one of 2020’s “Top 50 Most Promising Tech Startups in the United States.”

“From original production all the way through to the consumer and beyond, we help our clients monitor the journey of assets—or products—both where they are now and where they have been since being created,” said Scott Fletcher, CEO of LocatorX.

According to Fletcher, companies and consumers alike are looking for solutions to counter three significant challenges on a global scale: disrupted supply chains, rapid consumer experience, and counterfeiting. While other tech tools present limitations to organizations as they attempt to globalize, LocatorX updates its technology and consistently improves its solution to meet client needs in real-time.

In addition, LocatorX offers unique solutions to meet complex requirements within the global marketplace, making a new level of visibility available to companies and manufacturers.

For example, LocatorX worked with a technology firm that needed to ship its development machinery around the world. When the firm was unable to find solutions that met its consignment timeline and specific needs, LocatorX equipped the technology provider with tracking capabilities and management tools to monitor their shipments in near real-time, so it could ensure timely delivery of the products.

Schoolhouse Brewing, an Atlanta-based brewing company, also approached LocatorX to track kegs of its beer as they were shipped by the distributor to bars and restaurants. Schoolhouse used the LocatorX platform to track the kegs, which enabled the company to know their products' locations. With the platform, clients can automatically collect valuable data about consumption rates, the highest-volume outlets and other relevant metrics.

Because Schoolhouse also offers home brewing options, the LocatorX platform additionally acts as a hub for customers to directly share feedback and troubleshoot issues with the company. Schoolhouse wants to “redefine what it means to offer great customer service,” and LocatorX provides that ability.

Moving forward, LocatorX plans to augment its solutions with nanotechnology and deliver it via an Edge Computing platform to address increasingly complex visibility challenges. LocatorX also partnered with an ultra-high-speed digital circuit design firm to develop a solid-state miniature atomic clock for enhanced tracking. The feature will become a core component of LocatorX's upcoming Global Resource Locator (GRL) product.

“The solid-state miniature atomic clock, along with the environmental sensors monitoring temperature, humidity and movement will allow our clients to know where their products are, the time it will take to get to their destination while monitoring all exceptions; damage, temperature fluctuations, theft, diversion, etc., that occur in route,” said Fletcher.

With supply chains becoming truly global, it is critical for manufacturers and retailers to have visibility at every step of the way. LocatorX is making that vision a reality through cutting-edge technologies that empower businesses to deliver their goods on time, with confidence.


Atlanta, GA

Scott Fletcher, CEO

LocatorX’s technology enables organizations to track and find their assets while monitoring the status and movement throughout their service life. The company offers services, including tracking, counterfeit protection, and consumer engagement, throughout the entire product lifecycle. From production and to the consumer and beyond, the firm helps its clients monitor their products’ journey, location, exceptions, routing, and more