LSP Data Solutions: A New Standard of Excellence in eDiscovery

Robert Chuey, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Tom Sands, Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer and Shawn Huston, Co-Founder & Managing Partner
The steady influx of electronic data, along with the ubiquitous nature of technology has created new challenges in the domain of modern litigation and eDiscovery for corporations and the law firms that serve them. Debunking the myth that technology alone is the solution, Shawn Huston, Co-Founder / Managing Partner of LSP Data Solutions, argues, “Technology will only get you so far. Absent in the eDiscovery space is the convergence of exceptional technology, comprehensive expertise, along with unparalleled communication between the legal team and data experts. This is where we are setting the benchmark for eDiscovery services.” Leveraging decades of experience in eDiscovery and information governance, LSP Data Solutions employs artificial intelligence, data analytics, user behavior analysis and proprietary case-specific workflows to determine how key documents tell a story during litigation and investigations—eliminating inefficiencies, inaccuracies and unsuitable pricing models.

“With data volumes increasing, while our client’s budgets tighten, it is imperative for us to constantly develop our depth of technology toprovide our clients with the most cost-efficient solutions while never taking our focus away from service,” explains Robert Chuey, Co-Founder / Managing Partner of LSP Data Solutions. At its core, LSP’s ability to apply technical understanding and knowledge to diverse data sources helps organizations effectively navigate the information governance and litigation lifecycle. The result is exemplary service and a transparent pricing modelto more effectivelyforecast, plan, and execute from the outset of the clientsdiscovery matter.

A typical LSP engagement begins with developing an understanding of underlying issues and complexities, while drafting a plan of actionto leverage the right technology to more quickly find information to piece together the relevant fact-pattern. As an extension of the client’s legal team, LSP brings experience from involvement in thousands of eDiscovery matters toascertain the budget, goals, and the timeframe with which to execute.

LSP is on a never-ending quest for building tools allowing data to tell a more compelling story

“We harness the knowledge gained to find information faster, then utilize that information as evidence, and keep the proportionality of the case and e-discovery costs in line,” says Huston. “Having information earlier in the process allows attorneys to better advocate for their own clients throughout the litigation, not just during discovery.”

Huston sites a case study wherein LSP consulted with a Fortune 500 client at the very outset of their matter to gather information regarding storage protocols, user behavior and internal communication. LSP then appliedhuman behavioral analysisin conjunction with advanced data analytics resulting in the reduction of data necessary to preserve and review by over 80 percent. This multifaceted understanding of the underlying data and technology resulted in six-figure cost savings to the client over traditional models.

Since 2016, LSP Data Solutions has tripled the size of its IT infrastructure and has experienced year over year revenue growth exceeding 30 percent. With every passing year, “LSP tailors unique solutions for clients while increasing our scope of services to produce strong growth and a strategic advantage in a competitive marketplace,” says Tom Sands, Co-Founder and CFO. For 2018 and beyond, LSP is developing proprietary A.I. software, leveraging technologies including IBM Watson and other machine learning processes, to advance efforts to identify information faster and simpler. With a client base spread across the entire nation, and the eDiscovery landscape constantly evolving, “LSP is on a never-ending quest to build tools allowingdata to tell a more compelling story,” concludes Huston.

LSP Data Solutions

Washington, DC

Robert Chuey, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Tom Sands, Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer and Shawn Huston, Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Provides litigation technology services to law firms, corporations and government agencies by using artificial intelligence, data analytics, user behavior analysis and proprietary workflows to solve the unique needs of each client

LSP Data Solutions