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Jennifer Valentine, President From directing and producing movies in Hollywood to wearing the cap of an entrepreneur, Jeff Bydalek is a person who strives to challenge the status quo by building something superior. The same attitude is what prompted him in 1999, to leverage his background in film and combine it with proprietary video compression technology to develop and provide next generation, ground-breaking technology solutions for a key customer in the pharmaceutical industry. Needless to say, the solution from his venture M3 Media Group was an instant hit.

However, Bydalek soon realized from the company's key advisors and customers that having “cool technology” was not enough to deliver solutions in the context of the healthcare market and be of true value to the customers. Many pieces were missing from the puzzle, including a deep expertise in healthcare regulations, marketing strategy, and scientific communication to contextualize an innovative technology solution for the life sciences. This realization marked the birth of M3 Health, a technology innovation company built to meet the unique needs of the healthcare sector. Bydalek called upon pharma industry veterans, which includes current president of M3 Health Jennifer Valentine, to further define the company's specialty in understanding the customer experience needs that are unique to healthcare.

A Journey of Innovation

Throughout its 18 years of journey, M3 Health’s history of innovation paralleled the digital transformation of the pharma industry. In the early 2000s, the use of digital media as a customer engagement tool was just beginning to gain traction in pharma, and M3 Health found early success in partnerships across the commercial business units in terms of pilot programs for eDetailing, virtual advisory boards, peer-to-peer video coaching, closed-loop marketing for tablets, and iPad applications for sales force engagement. M3 Health went on to develop the innovative CoreTXT mobile messaging platform and spun off M3 Mobile, a firm focused on mobile marketing in the retail sector, which was later acquired by eBay Enterprise, Inc.

In 2010, within a month of the launch of Apple’s first generation iPad, M3 Health launched the first in-field pilot study of its highly specialized eReader—a proprietary application tailored specifically for pharmaceutical representatives, audio pronunciation of difficult words, definitions with the click of a button, and multi-media embedded content. M3 continued to find success in both custom and enterprise-wide application development, and in 2016, M3 Health merged several of its most popular apps into a device—and OS agnostic digital ecosystem called PIVOT™. This platform combines content management, learning /training management, communication management, and virtual meetings into one holistic, flexible ecosystem that can be customized to the unique needs of any business.
Since its inception, M3 Health has been developing revolutionary technologies and products to deliver rich media content to their client’s audience. “At M3 Health, we are proud of our digital heritage. We are experts in digital production, agency app repairs, and video production,” says Jennifer Valentine, President, M3 Health. The diversity spans all forms of online communications, such as e-brochures, micro-sites with educational or product information, email advertising campaigns, online surveys, and videos and presentations. This content is then packaged into proprietary M3 solutions, for internal and external client communications—among sales teams, customers (physicians), patients, and industry advisors.

Every solution of M3 Health is a combination of two components: a technology layer and a content layer. The technology layer is a constant for each of the program including an analytics engine, behavioral intelligence, and database functionality. The content layer is custom for each interaction and includes media rich content used to deliver best-in-class brand communications.

The Game-Changer

Converting print to digital is not an easy transition, given the unique needs of the life sciences and device manufacturing companies in the healthcare sector. “Further, with tightening regulatory requirements, a more competitive and collaborative commercial environment, and an increasingly mobile workforce, life sciences companies need to standardize and improve regulated content management processes to ensure information is shared with the right people at the right time,” states Jennifer. M3 Health meets these demands through PIVOT—a cloud-based sales force enablement application that combines six distinct applications into one powerful cloud-based ecosystem that is compatible with any device and OS. “The PIVOT platform acts as a single source of truth in which content can be pushed, pulled, and segmented by groups to meet the industry needs,” says Jennifer.

Our ability to see outside the box has been cultivated through our history of innovation

PIVOT’s scalable framework and agile development practices facilitate easier customization of a pharmaceutical organization’s business rules in a fraction of time. Gathering insights from digital platforms to improve customer engagement, sales force performance, and patient care is essential to meeting an organization’s goals. PIVOT integrates data from different sources and adds artificial intelligence and machine learning to uncover the most meaningful patterns of evidence to make user experience suggestions. The platform can be easily configured and customized to meet the needs of any organization with the tools, the power, and the opportunity to seize the pivotal moment every day with its modules: content management system, learning management system, event engagement, and internal communication system. Each PIVOT digital ecosystem is powered by the PIVOT analytics platform, complete with on-device dashboards and robust web reporting tools.
PIVOT supports the goals of personalized medicine and can be configured to serve up video-based patient coaching programs designed to keep patients engaged in their health management and proactive compliance to therapy regimens. Integrated technology solutions such as iConsult and iEngage provide scalable audience brand engagement to facilitate training/ certification, data review, and insight gathering. The company is now working toward incorporating artificial intelligence-driven interactions, analytics, augmented reality technology with Microsoft’s Hololens, big data integration, and IoT capabilities into its platform.

"At M3 Health, we are proud of our digital heritage. We are experts in digital production, agency app repairs, and video production"

With solutions that facilitate complete digital transformation, M3 Health has garnered several leading companies as clients, including Galderma Laboratories, Dendreon, Validus, Pharmaceuticals, Eisai, Novartis, Bristol-Myers Squibb, King Pharmaceutical (Pfizer), Sanofi, Procter & Gamble, and Johnson & Johnson. M3 Health is especially proud of its long-standing engagement with the Alamo Breast Cancer Foundation, a patient advocacy group based in Texas. The patient advocates looking for an innovative program for virtual symposium coverage at the latest scientific conferences. By taking advantage of M3’s video technology platform, this grassroots organization was able to expand the reach of its program beyond live attendees at the conference to the international patient advocacy community.

A Powerhouse of Expertise

M3 Health’s diverse team of experts come from the technology, marketing, sales, and service industries and have a deep understanding of the needs and challenges that the businesses face. “We must have the right people to bring our vision to life. Since our key customers range from CIOs to Digital COEs to commercial brand managers and commercial operations managers, our seasoned team is made up of agile technologists hyper-focused on healthcare. Our breadth of experience across many disciplines allows us to integrate seamlessly and adapt to your processes and business rules flawlessly,” adds Jennifer.

Being a collaborative organization, M3 Health advocates inculcating strategy, innovation, and process throughout all areas of the organization. The company believes that every employee brings something to the table, irrespective of their experience. “For example, the idea for the M3 Mobile platform originally came from a member of the programming team who was working on a project to automate program notifications,” reveals Jennifer.

Continuing their legacy of building unique solutions, M3 Health plans to launch a new feature for its PIVOT platform that will utilize AI and analytics to power a “Follow the Leader” feature, which will absorb data from the top performers to make content suggestions (for promotion and sales training modules within PIVOT). The company will also make use of device sensors to enhance the PIVOT learning experience and measure metrics to improve sales training performance.

M3 Health is also developing several new solutions that will take advantage of cloud computing, real-time analytics, and machine learning algorithms to deliver predictive suggestions on customer messaging and value-added services. “Everyone at M3 Health is encouraged to come in every day and challenge anything and everything we do. Our ability to see outside the box has been cultivated through our history of innovation,” says Jennifer. This is what surprises M3 Health’s clients, and that powers the company’s journey way ahead of the competition in the market.

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