Maantic Inc: Business Automation for Improved Organizational Efficiency

Harry Iyer, CEO
Today, a staggering number of organizations struggle to appraise the business value of their IT projects or initiatives. It requires a disciplined BPM approach that will empower organizations to understand their business processes and define clear measurable business outcomes. “We follow a structured approach and work with our clients to identify process improvement initiatives,” says Harry Iyer, CEO of Maantic. The Sunnyvale based firm helps their clients perform detailed business value analysis and build a multi-year roadmap. “Our partnership with our clients helps in delivering BPM initiatives while constantly monitoring the ROI on these initiatives,” adds Iyer.

Keeping abreast of current market trends, Maantic’s mature digital strategies are significant differentiators in today’s digital savvy market place. “We are in the process of defining the framework to map the process improvement plans to the overall organization’s digital strategy,” affirms Iyer.

Maantic is a global strategy and leading system integration firm which specializes in implementation and building rules-driven process applications to automate workflow and ensure repeatable success. In addition, the company’s expertise in business architecture, program management and structured agile- BPM delivery methodology, leveraging the benefits of PEGA best practices and Scrum development methodologies, empower clients with streamlined business processes.

As a long standing service provider of Pega expertise—Maantic defines a portfolio of methodologies that are customized with respect to Pega’s industry specific framework. The key initiatives include customer service enhancements, application processing automation, communication frameworks and warranty claims processing.

Maantic’s long-term association with Pega professional services permits it to prove that PRPC and Pega solution frameworks like Customer Process Manager are Minimum Viable Products seconding client’s business objectives.

We follow a structured approach and work with our clients to identify process improvement initiatives

This collaboration has enabled Maantic to gain insight into the product roadmap and design applications resulting in a win-win situation for both entities

To illustrate Maantic’s expertise, Iyer brings in an interesting case study where the company helped a large financial institution to replace their existing call center platform by leveraging Pega’s Customer Process Manager (CPM) Framework. The company’s execution expertise over all aspects of Pega technology enabled the client to gain increased customer service and lowered costs. Maantic was involved in providing the roadmap and strategy for this project.

In yet another instance, a leading healthcare payer organization who wanted to improve their client set-up and revenue recognition process capitalized on Maantic’s services to automate their entire business processes. With the help of Pega application and HC frameworks, Maantic helped the client to plan, define business outcomes and implement a real-time interface for SaaS quoting and contracting applications. This interface coupled with rules based validation and auditing enabled the client to automate 70 percent of their standard business operations, and reduce lead time for revenue recognition by 40 percent.

Through its unique offering and acumen for business strategies, core values, risk assessment and mitigation, market segmentation and pricing model, Maantic identifies itself as a key differentiator and stays competitive. For the years ahead, the company plans to focus on mid-cap companies and partner with them for building a process improvement roadmap, and delivering successful business outcomes for them.“Furthermore, with our experienced team, we understand the future need of business, and our vision is to focus on the business process consulting arena,” concludes Iyer.

Maantic Inc

Sunnyvale, CA

Harry Iyer, CEO

Provider of BPM services that focus on automating the workflow and increasing ROI

Maantic Inc